Semarang’s Typical Food, It’s Really Good and Makes it Addictive


Famous for no end tourist destinations, Semarang is a special attraction for tourists. There is Lawang Sewu, Sam Po Kong, and many more. But, if you visit the tourist destination, it seems less afdal. For more colorful holidays, you also have to try Semarang’s typical food too. Among them are as below.

  1. Semarang chicken rice

Semarang’s typical food is the best and makes the first nagih is semarang chicken rice which contains liwet rice plus boiled eggs plus shredded chicken which is watered using opor sauce and additional fried sambal jipan. Guaranteed it will make you addicted to trying again and again.

At first glance, Semarang chicken rice resembles Solo Liwet rice, but Semarang chicken rice is served using quail egg satay, intestines, and warm tea as a complimentary menu. Make sure you have tasted a menu with this typical Semarang yellow opor sauce while having the opportunity to visit the city of Semarang.

  1. Bandeng Presto.

Presto milkfish is also one of the best Semarang cuisines that are worthy of your taste. Presto milkfish is made of processed milkfish cooked by the presto way to soften and eliminate milkfish spines that were too much.

  1. Know Gimbal

Know Gimbal is a typical Semarang culinary made of processed tofu and gimbal presentation that looks increasingly interesting. There are additional lontong pieces and cabbage in this one menu, which are then watered by peanut spices plus petis so that they are increasingly appetizing for everyone who looks at him.

The gimbal itself is a type of processed shrimp food that has been captured, arguably almost resembling bakwan shrimp. If you want to enjoy a portion of gimbal tofu, usually there will be additional crispy shrimp crackers and more delicious to enjoy.

  1. Garang Asem

Garang Asem is one of the traditional culinary in Semarang containing chicken and coconut milk sauce cooked to remove the aroma of the impossible to be ignored. Garang Asem is a starfruit seasoned food cooked in a banana leaf wrapper and closed using sticks.

This is what makes archipelago culinary hunters increasingly interested in tasting the best culinary typical of Semarang. To be more delicious, usually salt asem will be cooked with additional warm rice, chicken innards, fried tempeh, and cakes.

  1. Mie Kopyok.

Kopyok Mie is one of the best foods in Semarang made with the main ingredients of noodles added to meat tetelan and some other side dishes. One that makes Kopyok different noodles is Gendar crackers, which is a type of cracker made from a very savory and crispy rice dough. Some people also know Kopyok noodles with the names of Teng-Teng noodles and Lontong noodles. They called Teng-Teng noodles because the sellers often stooped Kopyok noodles by ringing Teng’s voice. At the same time, said Noodle Lontong, because it could also be plus slices of rice cake in Kopyok noodles.

  1. Soto Bangkong

The best menu is typical of Semarang next is Soto Bangkong, famous for its delights that are not playful. For those interested, Soto Bangkong can be easily found at the Houses of Jalan Brigjen Katamso. The restaurant that introduced the Soto Bangkong menu was increasingly selling and continued to grow by opening a branch in almost all of Java.

Soto Bangkong is served in a small bowl with chicken slices, bean sprouts, tomato slices, vermicelli, and a sprinkling of garlic and red. Guaranteed, it will make your tongue shed and you want to eat it again and again.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Semarang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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