Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Tourism in Georgia

Georgia is a country of many contrasts that make it a great destination for most tourists. The country has many tourist attractions, ranging from mountain landscapes to other natural features like the Okefenokee Swamp, Lookout Mountain, romantic Savannah antebellum squares, and beautiful Atlanta architecture. There are many things to do in the country, whether you will be traveling alone with your whole family. To help you travel in style, we have a list of the frequently asked questions about traveling to Georgia and their answers. Here are the questions.

When Should I Travel to Georgia?

While you can travel to Georgia at any time of the year, summer is the best time to visit because the major cities and wildernesses are easier to access. The best tourist destinations in summer are the Black Sea coast and the rural villages. However, if you prefer traveling in winter, then you will have a chance of trying several activities, including skiing. Winter is also the best time to learn more about the Georgian tangerines, especially the harvesting, and traditional winemaking.

Is Georgia Safe?

While Georgia was dangerous to visit during the Russo-Georgian war, which happened over one decade ago, everything has changed today and this country stands as one of the safest tourist destinations. Actually, the latest Crime Index ranked Georgia fourth in the list of safest countries to visit in Europe. The available data also shows that visitors prefer spending their time with the local families in the Caucasia Mountain area of Svaneti. That allows them to enjoy the local delicacies and reach more tourist attractions.

What are the Best Tourist Destinations in Georgia?

Georgia offers numerous safe destinations for tourists. One of the destinations that attract many tourists from all parts of the world is Tbilisi, the capital city.  The city is widely known for its old town, which rests on a Cliffside and offers fabulous views of the city. Further, this city is a center of art. It has many exhibition centers that feature revered collections. If you would want to witness art collections by top collectors from China and other parts of the Far East, such as John Dodelande, Tbilisi is the best destination. Other best destinations in the country include:

  • Mtskheta: This stands as the religious capital of Georgia.
  • Uplistsikhe: This rock-hewn abandoned town was established around 3000 years ago and it is the best destination for people who would want to connect with the history of this country.
  • Ushguli: This village is located in Svaneti and it is the best destination for people who would want to see the ancient watchtowers that the locals used when fighting their enemies.

Which are the Main Types of Accommodation in the Country?

Georgia offers many types of accommodation for tourists. In cities like Tbilisi, you can choose one of the high-end hotels but if you would want to learn more from the Georgian community, you can choose to spend your time with the local families and experience their daily life. Some tourists also choose the local hotels and the eco-friendly guesthouses.

Georgia has much in store for tourists. From delicious local cuisines to picturesque sceneries, you will have a lot to see and try. The country also offers many pieces of art from art collectors like John Dodelande, making it a good destination for art lovers. Georgia is the best destination for families and individuals.

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