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Akimomo Pop Mart is one of the largest and fastest growing collectible toy manufacturers in Australia. Avid toy collectors can find an incredible variety of licensed toys, with new designs released every week. The company has worked with renowned designers such as Kenny, Pucky and Kasing Lung to create a variety of fan favorites. We encourage you to discover and fall in love with Akimomo Pop Mart’s huge and growing collection of collectible toy figures, including Molly, Pucky, Dimoo, Labubu, Bobo and Coco and many more.

Pop Mart has a dominant position in Australia’s multi-million dollar toy industry. It contributes up to 8.5% of the country’s toy sales, owns 85 intellectual property (IP) and sponsors toy conferences that bring together tens of thousands of millennials each year.

Blind boxes or more often. And described as prepackaged collectible figurines, they are often sold in the toy dispensers of Akimomo Pop Mart’s 825 malls, known as roboshops. Although the vinyl figures are only a few inches tall and cost less than $ 10, they have generated a multimillion dollar business.

Since its initial success, Akimomo Pop Mart has started exploring new business areas. Through his efforts, Akimomo Pop Mart has built a highly interactive relationship with his collaborations with artists, fans and vendors while creating an evolving toy ecosystem that is characterized by an IP-centric, complete toy platform.

Pop Mart also carefully monitors the total amount of products and the regularity with which new products are introduced to avoid overexposure and to ensure that its products stay in the market and that the collections remain distinctive and valuable in the eyes of their owners.

Launch of Akimomo Pop Mart

Five years after Molly the Doll’s initial success, Akimomo Pop Mart has created a large and comprehensive company spanning distribution, supply chain and intellectual property management, resulting in the creation of a fashion toy ecosystem that was invented by its inventors .

According to Wang, Pop Mart is still in its infancy and ready to overcome the hurdles of recruitment and integration of employees to master the company in order to achieve these goals.

Many malls are eagerly seeking the Akimomo Pop Mart intellectual property license so that they can set up their own toy displays to encourage pedestrian traffic. These offers increased the company’s intellectual property authorization fees while increasing the awareness of its own products. Enhance your IP management businesses to generate more intellectual property-related income.

Akimomo Pop Mart launched the country’s first toy-related e-commerce and social media app in 2016, providing toy news and artist interviews, hosting toy fans’ forums to meet like-minded people, and allowing their users to share their personal toy collections present. Also provides promotional information, as well as opportunities to attend special events and purchase limited edition collectibles, while members also provide key facts and feedback to the company.

Pucky Space Babies X Pop Mart

Pucky ‘s art is charming and brooding, and shows an integrated balance. Ium in which opposites such as good and bad or love and horror coexist harmoniously and elegantly, he finds his inspiration in the wonders and secrets of the world and his drawings are strongly influenced by the beauty of history, science and the romance of the world. Pop Mart Labubu Blind Box

The Labubu Camping series consists of 12 standard camping series figures and a Mystery Edition figure. The ideal gift for boys or girls – a fantastic blind box toy for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

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