Truthfully, ADO does a terrible task of describing their various types of buses. On brief journeys, any of them are great as well as I would pick the separation that aligns best with your timetable. Clearly, as the bus flight gets longer, the updated seats and facilities may be something you look at extra closely.

  • AU: These are good buses, despite being the “low end” of ADO. You’ll get the same excellent solution, air conditioning, as well as a reserved seat. The main disadvantage is that there are no shower rooms aboard, so you’ll most likely wish to maintain this to shorter paths.

  • TROUBLE & OCC: Two different names for primarily the same experience. The buses include a couple of televisions to entertain you along with restrooms for your comfort. If you’ve got on a Megabus in the United States, this is a rather similar experience.

  • ADO GL: “GL” means gran lujo, implying a bit of a glamorous experience. The seats are plusher, you obtain electrical outlets, more legroom, and a bottle of water. I recognize it does not resemble it, but there’s a lot of legroom as well as recline, too. Whenever feasible, this is my favored bus alternative in Mexico.

  • ADO Platino: There are only three seats per row, unlike 4, as revealed above on ADO GL, so you have got back more individual area and have the choice of a single-seat if you desire a little privacy. They additionally have individual seatback entertainment as well as tray tables. That stated the recline as well as legroom is rather comparable to GL.

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Platino vs GL


ADO Platino is the most effective of the best, however, it’s double the cost of GL. In my opinion, there are two circumstances where Platino deserves the upcharge:

  • Overnight bus rides, where you want to do everything, you can to get some remainder. I directly prevent overnight buses like the afflict, no matter how wonderful my seat is.
  • If you require to obtain work done. Pulling down the tray table for your laptop computer as well as having some breathing space could be worth some additional cash.

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