Souvenirs Are Typical of Lombok Which is Special For The Closest People


Going on a vacation to Lombok has a myriad of souvenir choices that you must bring home, whether it’s food or drinks to typical handicraft souvenirs that will not be found elsewhere. If you are curious about anything that can be used as fruit from Lombok, immediately see some of the following recommendations!

  1. Carm

In addition to having a village of Sukarara, which is famous for weaving and songket, Lombok also has the oldest and largest village handicraft industry, namely the village of Belaka. The difference produced in the village of Belaka is a typical Lombok woven knick-knacks called a woven.

As the name implies, coupled woven is made of wild plants called the sizes of being various forms, such as glasses, women’s bags, jewelry places, various home displays, gentongs, to decorative tables.

In this village, besides observing the manufacturing process to become a quality product, you can also participate in making webbing like craftsmen too! But if you want just to look around and shop, you can visit Mr. H. Syukron’s art shop and showroom located in front of SDN Belaka 1.

  1. Sekarbela sea and freshwater pearls

Thousand Mosque Island is the nickname of Lombok located in West Nusa Tenggara, is known to be a broad audience of the beauty of the colorful Muti. Craftsmen and pearl cultivators who are beautiful and charming are found in the Sekarbela area located in the city of Mataram. There you will find a pearl merchant from the seller at the kiosk, a large shop, even to street vendors on the roadside, many of who sell the pearl. The pearls that are sold are diverse, from those in granules until they have been mixed into various jewelry.

In addition to seawater pearls with various shapes and colors (golden, black, gray, white, yellowish, etc.), Lombok also has freshwater pearls cultivated in freshwater and oval. Unlike seawater pearls, freshwater pearls provide color choices that vary like black, blue, pink, white, orange, green, red, red and yellow at a cheaper price.

  1. Jug Maling.

The thief jug is the original pottery craft of the population of Banyumulek Village is about 14 km from the city of Mataram. This thief jug is shaped like most jug, and it’s just that the neck is longer and narrower. It makes it challenging to put water from the top of the jug. Finally, this jug is called a thief because to enter the water must be from the bottom of the jug.

And don’t get me wrong, because the jug of thieves is one type of pottery most sought after by tourists. The price is quite affordable starting from Rp100,000 according to the motives. Apart from thieves, various other beautiful pottery crafts can also be found here.

  1. Cukli crafts in Lendang Village Re

If you have never heard or know about Cukli’s crafts, then you must buy it when going to Lombok, because his fame has been famous abroad. Cukli is a snack skin piece that is used as decorations on handicrafts made of wood, such as in a jewelry box, bed, and so on. Generally tourists like Cukli because of the many unique motives. Cukli’s making is fairly complicated, because accuracy is needed to produce products that have high value. Accuracy is needed to make patterns on wood surfaces using special tools. While accuracy is needed to include shellfish into the pattern that has been made.

  1. Lombok Gasing

The Sasak community has a traditional game that is quite old, which is called a asto or type of Gasing. This East Lombok Gasing material is made of sour wood and iron from Beji Kolaher steel in Pande.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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