5 Foundation Skills to be a Successful Public Speaker

People are not born with the skills of public speaking, they need to develop such skills. If you want to become a successful public speaker then you need to develop your confidence. You need to develop the qualities to inspire, influence and put a positive impact on your audience if you are passionate to become a successful public speaker.

Here are five foundation skills to be a successful public speaker:


If you are trying to present yourself in front of a large crowd then your confidence can help you provide effective results. Also, you need to have complete knowledge and intelligence to provide accurate information to your audience so that they can stay connected with your speech and you will be able to overcome your nervousness by practicing time-to-time.


You need to be passionate if you want to become a successful public speaker. Well, some people are born with the qualities of passion but other need to work hard and develop their passion in order to achieve greater height. If you do not have passed then you will not able to present effectively and your audience will lose interest in your speech. Your passion pushes you forward when your feel lost and helps you overcome your problems.

Introspection and self-awareness:

You need to understand yourself first. Try to find out your strengths and weaknesses, and also find some ways to overcome your weaknesses. When you know your strengths then it will help engage with your audience in a most effective manner. If you want to improve your public speaking then try to not down all your positive traits and use these traits to provide a great quality speech.

Being yourself:

When you are presenting in front of a huge crowd then do not try to fake, try to be yourself. Well, if you are trying to act as another person then it will distract your audience and they will lose interest in your speech. When you stay what you are then you will able to present your speech effectively with confidence.

Engagement with your audience:

“There are certain things in which mediocrity is not to be endured, such as poetry, music, painting, public speaking,” said Jean de la Bruyere.

Do not just try to read a speech, if you want to become a successful public speaker then make sure to engage with your audience. This will eliminate the chances of boredom. Try to share your own experience so that the audience stays connected with your speech and be able to understand your motive. The audience will be happier if you include them in your speech, this will create an engaging atmosphere.

Karen McCleave is an Assistant Crown Attorney for more than 30 years. Karen was born and educated in Sault Ste Marie. Karen Mccleave Lawyer received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario, received her LL.B. from the University of Windsor, and was called to the Ontario Bar.

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