Acavallo Horse Wear: Innovative Equestrian Products that Improve Horse Performance


Horse riding is one of the oldest and captivating sports known to humanity. The tradition of horse riding has been around for centuries, and with its legacy and popularity come the ever-evolving technologies to improve performance for both the rider and the horse. Acavallo, the Italian equestrian manufacturer, is one such brand that has been changing the game of horse riding and performance for decades.

Incorporating the latest technological advancements and expertise, Acavallo creates innovative and effective products that enhance the comfort and performance of both the horse and rider. In this blog post, we dive into the world of Acavallo and explore the best products the brand has to offer.

Saddle Pads:

The comfort of a horse during horse riding is critical. Using a saddle pad that fits correctly and adapts to the horse’s back is one way of ensuring the horse’s comfort. Acavallo saddle pads are made with unique and innovative shock-absorbing gel materials that absorb pressure from the saddle and distribute it evenly. Acavallo Gel Pads also ensure excellent grip, minimizing movement between the saddle and the horse’s back, preventing any potential discomfort and injuries that may occur.

Hoof Boots:

The Acavallo Hoof boots are ideal for horses suffering from weak, injured or compromised hooves or horses that require constant protection from hard or rocky terrain. The products are anatomically designed to enable the horse to move naturally, and the materials used in the boots provide adequate ventilation to prevent the buildup of moisture and heat.

Gel Bits:

Acavallo Gel bits are created to improve horse performance and take away the discomfort caused by traditional bits. The bits are created using soft, flexible gel materials to cushion the horse’s mouth and eliminate tongue pinching. The bits are curved, allowing the horse a more natural and comfortable fit while reducing resistance and increasing communication between horse and rider.

Leg Protection:

Acavallo leg protection provides a broad range of protection for the horse’s limb while remaining lightweight for easy mobility. The products are suited for all types of horse riding, from dressage to cross country, and they are designed to absorb impact, thus reducing injury risks.

Stirrup Irons:

Acavallo Stirrup Irons provide adequate balance, comfort, and grip for riders during horse riding. The external stirrup pad system provides stability and maintains the rider’s foot in the correct position.


The world of equestrian sports is continuously growing, and with it, the need for innovative and revolutionary products. Acavallo is one brand that has been producing cutting edge products and technology that help riders and horses achieve their best performance levels. With the brand’s careful consideration and unique approach to various equestrian products, Acavallo has become a significant and sought out player in the market. From Gel bits to Hoof boots, you can trust Acavallo products to enhance your horse riding experience and improve your horse’s performance.

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