A Guide to Dating In Australia – For Foreign Ladies


Australian men are very different from what you might be used to back home. If your experiences with men have been mostly negative, then it may seem like a huge challenge to start dating in Australia. You might feel self-conscious and shy about the whole thing, but don’t worry! Many foreign ladies before you managed to find a great Australian man and enjoyed a happy relationship. Let’s get right into it – here’s how you can attract an Aussie bloke: Find your perfect partner why being yourself is key Don’t let negative experiences from back home get you down – so many women before you had wonderful friendships and relationships with local guys, so why should things be any different for you? You will soon discover that Aussie men are very different from what you might be used to back home. The best way to attract them is to simply be yourself, not the person that you think they want you to be! Aussie guys like women who can enjoy a laugh with them and lend an ear when times get tough. They’re always up for having fun, but they also know how important it is for both people to put effort into the relationship if it’s going anywhere. Being able to share feelings and thoughts with each other will make your bond much stronger, whether you’ve known each other for months or years! If there’s one thing Australian men dislike.

While Australian guys love confident women, don’t let your newfound self-assurance lead you into becoming overly confident or vain. Your self-worth should never be judged by your looks, but rather by the way you treat others and how hard-working of a person you are – not everyone is blessed with good looks, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be successful in life! Also, an Australian man will find it very unattractive if you make fun of other people. They believe in equality for women more than anyone else! Treating all genders as equals – male or female – is one thing that will definitely put them off.

For some reason, your beauty may sometimes even work against you here. Make no mistake – they love beautiful women more than anything! However, if you behave like what they perceive as a “typical bimbo”, they might think you’re only interested in them for their looks. Find a balance between confidence and humility and you’ll be on the right track! So where is the best place to meet guys?

Australian men aren’t as open with their feelings as other nationalities, so don’t expect them to come up and start a conversation with you straight away. However, if you find yourself somewhere like a pub or club (but perhaps not during schoolies week), then it’s likely that you’ll see plenty of blokes checking you out. It can feel quite intimidating at first, but we guarantee it gets easier every time! Most importantly though: never assume they’re doing this because they want to chat – always try to wait around for signs that they would like to get your number, rather than taking it as read that he’s interested! That said.

Australian men love a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. If you’re looking for someone to date, after all, the best traits are confidence and honesty. Aussie guys prefer women who can stand up for themselves when needed – if they don’t like this in their friends (male or female), then they won’t like it in their girlfriend either. You should never be afraid of speaking your mind, even if he is!

If you’ve already got mutual feelings with one another, don’t make them wait too long for an answer – there’s nothing more irritating than having someone string you along. That’s another thing that Australian guys hate, and an Aussie bloke will lose respect for you if he thinks you’re wasting his time. If you’re not interested in him, politely let him down as soon as possible and don’t give any negative opinions about him to anyone else – what goes around comes around! Giving bad comments to others about a good guy will only make the situation worse…

If you met your partner on a dating site or app, there are plenty of ways to tell if he is interested in you from the messages he sends.


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