Unique Wedding Ring Ideas For Modern Brides

While traditional wedding rings are still a popular and lovely choice, there’s no need to stick to plain metal or diamond bands for your wedding day. You don’t even need to choose a ring that’s specially made for bridal wear. Select a unique wedding ring that’s as special as your relationship.  

However, the options are endless when it comes to designing a wedding ring. So, it may seem impossible to choose a specific style you prefer. But if you are a bride who’s seeking something outside the traditional realm of a ring, you are at the right place. 

Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

Whenever you are seeking a truly one-of-a-kind wedding ring, or if you’re interested in selecting a wedding band that doesn’t represent traditional expectations, there are various options to consider. 

While people usually associate custom design with engagement rings, it’s even possible to create custom wedding bands that are specifically created for you by expert jewellers and craftsmen. 

Some options are: 

  • Colorful Stones: Stunning warm yellow, sapphire, and moody amethyst are some unexpected colours to choose from for your unique wedding ring. You can choose any stone that goes well with your personality. 
  • Ornate Setting: From a vintage-influenced setting to modern diamond arrangements, any bride can choose a wedding ring with an extraordinary stone display. 
  • Unexpected Shapes: While square and round stones are traditional designs that often stand the test of time, unexpected stones are something that today’s brides prefer. 
  • Gemstone: You can even choose a wedding ring with gemstones other than simple white diamonds. This allows you to choose interesting wedding ring styles when considering customised jewellery. Whenever you choose a gemstone ring setting for everyday use, it’s best to choose a specific setting that flushes to the ring. It will help you prevent the gemstone from catching onto your clothes and some other objects. 
  • Birthstone Ring: You can even consider adding a birthstone to your wedding ring. You can choose either your partner’s birthstone for your wedding ring. This is one unique idea that’s appealing to many modern brides these days. Including birthstones for the husband or wife in a wedding ring can be a symbol of two souls coming together. 
  • Mixed Metal: Selecting wedding bands or rings that boast two or more metals is a great way to add unique style to a bridal jewellery piece.

Customised Unique Wedding Ring by Gemrize

At Gemrize, we believe in turning your dream of customised jewellery into a beautiful reality. You can start the process of custom jewellery designing simply by submitting a quote request to our website. 

Our expert jewellery designers further use your sketches or photos to create a unique ring or jewellery design for you to approve. After you approve the design, we provide you with a 3D computed generated jewellery design for final approval. 

And there you have it – the unique and sparkly ready-to-wear ring that you dreamed about. Consult our professional jewellers to talk you through the entire process. And, make the most of our experience and knowledge to get started on your journey of tailor-made jewellery. 

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