Enjoy A Momentous and Palpable Experience with Whale and Dolphin Watching in Tenerife

If you are on a vacation in Tenerife during summer, you have a wonderful chance to explore the best places along with viewing the marvellous marine mammals like whales and dolphins.

You can book a Freebird boat trip Tenerife through the website of Club Canary, which is a tour company offering many things to do on the island. Whether it is whale and dolphin watching, bus tours, private boat excursions, water sports, diving, snorkelling, evening shows,or services, Club Canary offers a plethora of options.

The boat trip starts from Puerto Colon with a free pick up and drop off in South Tenerife only. The company offers guaranteed best price with discounts for groups of 6 people or more. You can book the tour in advance. Your amount is refunded if you cancel your booking within 48 hours before the trip.

The sight of whales breaching

It is no wonder a breath-taking sight when you see the giant creature coming out of the sea parting the waves, almost of the size of a big bus as it flings itself out of the seawater. Barely for a few moments, you get so mesmerized at its enormity as it restores through the air and then crashes into the seawater, disappearing into the depths. Such a marvellous sight of whale and dolphin watching can only be experienced in Tenerife.

Watch them from the coast

If you are staying in accommodation right near the coast in Tenerife during summer, then you might not have to leave your hotel room to watch these beautiful sea creatures. Just grab your binoculars and if you are lucky enough, you might see dolphins, whales, and porpoises flipping out of the water and then receding.

Booking a boat trip from Club Canary, Tenerife is the simplest and sure-shot way to watch these beautiful sea animals. You will be offered lunch and drinks on the boat that is included in the fare. A trip for watching whales and dolphins is sure to raise a smile on your face. The boat trips are recommended for families including kids and babies too.

Follow the regulations

Due to the extinction of species like the humpback whales, the blue whale, the narwhal whale, and the North Atlantic whale, the World Conservation Union has classified them as endangered species. As a result, there is an increase in public awareness in the form of certain rules that the whale watchers need to follow in Tenerife.

  • Keeping a distance of at least 60 meters
  • The maximum time for watching whales and dolphins is 30 minutes
  • Boat sail should be at slow speed
  • There should not be a concentration of boats in one place
  • Leave the area if you find the animals are getting disturbed
  • Never to swim with the animals
  • Avoid feeding and touching the animals
  • Avoid throwing any waste into the sea
  • Do not make noises that might disturb the animals

Club Canary offers a wonderful boat trip for you to enjoy every moment but they ensure that the privacy and space of these magnificent sea mammals are not disturbed.

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