10 Effective Ways to Initiate Text Message with My Girlfriend after No Contact

Often after a break up, a guy will use No Contact so that his ex will miss him, allowing him to rekindle the relationship. Therefore, after the No Contact period, one of the best things you can do is to quickly call your ex and initiate the get your ex back process.

  • Attract and get her to meet up with you by getting her to answer your phone and make the first move. 
  • Send out a feeler text to find out how you are being received: You can also send your ex a text message saying “Hi” and see how she responds. The process is as follows: Wait longer and see if she contacts you. In most cases, it’s the worst choice, but if you choose it, it’s usually not a good choice. Why? Time won’t make much of a difference if your ex hasn’t already contacted you during the No Contact period.
  • Use text to get her to smile or laugh so that she lowers her guard before you make the call: When you like someone, texts are fun to send them. Good to see you.” I’m doing well. If you send a message to someone saying “I’ve been thinking about you,” and they reply with something like “that’s nice to hear,” it will be alright because they are glad to hear from you.
  • Don’t just stay focused on text messages and never going through with a phone call and finally meeting up: Even if a guy is nervous about getting back together with his ex after using No Contact.
  • He gets to the heart of the matter right away, when he sends her a feeler text to find out how she will respond: If she responds positively, he makes the mistake of assuming she will provide him with a signal that she is interested in speaking to him on the phone.
  • Do not assume negative motives in her text replies: It is the fastest way to plant seeds of doubt in your mind about your chances of getting her back by emphasizing her ex’s every comment. This is not how to text your ex girlfriend after a long time.
  • Never give up if she seems uninterested in getting back together: There is a good chance that when she receives her ex’s phone call during the No Contact Period, she will not make it obvious that she missed him.
  • A general rule to follow: do not write big, extended texts about how his feels: Even though the two of you have not been in frequent contact with each other, he still holds feelings for you.
  • When you are deciding whether to ask her if she has changed her mind, don’t text her first: Before you have actually rediscovered your ex on the phone and in person, it is likely that she will reply to you with answers she now has for you.
  • Avoid being too nice, neutral, or cute in text and thereby inadvertently making her lose interest in you: There is always the possibility that someone who has dated an ex will avoid text-based flirting, because he or she worries that it will cause the ex to stop speaking to him or her. The hope is that things will progress from there into a new relationship, one in which he communicates with her with a general sense of sweetness and comfort.

Hopefully, we have gathered a good amount of knowledge about how to text your ex girlfriend after a long time!

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