Trendy Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids Parties

Fancy dress parties will never go out of fashion. While party themes will come and go, depending on who is famous or infamous, or what movies and TV shows are hot, or even which current events are worth dressing up about, the idea of getting into a costume will always win universal appeal when party invites are sent out.

This applies to all ages. Adult parties are a bit more fun when there’s the opportunity to dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone, or something, you’re not. At the other end of the age scale, kids also love fancy dress parties. In fact, it’s such a serious topic that a global survey was recently carried out to discover the trendiest fancy dress themes for 2021. There are perennial favourites in the list, as well as some less obvious themes. They’re all very good ideas if you’re planning a fancy dress party for your child.

The most popular themes for 2021 include:

  • Harry Potter party with witches, wizards, Hogwarts students and dragons. This is something of an old favourite but Harry’s enduring appeal means this theme is as beloved now as it ever was.
  • Star Wars party with Stormtroopers, The Mandalorian, Yoda and Darth Vader being popular choices. While Star Wars became a cultural icon many, many years before your child was born, it just keeps on giving as a dress-up theme.
  • Garden party is something of a surprise inclusion but kids love dressing up as bumblebees, garden fairies, butterflies, ladybugs and the like and running amok outside. This is a popular option for birthday parties in the warmer summer months, and a great way to keep the house clean while everyone is having a fine and messy time outdoors!
  • A pirate party is always in vogue and will appear on a list like this every year. Pirate costumes are easy to make at home with a striped t-shirt, a tea towel bandana and eyepatch making for a great outfit, although the elaborate outfits you can buy are certain to be show-stealers too.
  • Fairy party for the girls is another classic theme with tutus paired with wings, fairy costumes and Tinkerbell outfits always popular with costume retailers. While we’re discussing great themes for little ladies, a Princess party is another winning option.
  • A Superhero party is a must on this list. Everyone loves to pretend they have superpowers, just like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a fancy dress party lets everyone be a hero, not just the birthday boy or girl.
  • A Disney party is another theme that you can’t go wrong with. Thanks to the sheer number of characters in the Disney stable, there is no shortage of ideas for boys, girls.

Fancy dress will always be in style. This New Zealand toy retailer has a large selection of dress-up costumes and plenty of demand for them. That’s to be expected when these types of parties remain the hottest social events in town.

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