Buying Paint Protection Film: Get It Right Here

If you are like many car owners, you probably want to invest in a quality yet affordable solution to protect your car paint.  This solution best describes a paint protection film or PPF.  ProShield car protection film protects your car’s paint and surface against road debris, bird droppings, UV exposure, and acid rain. PPF is a flexible and transparent material that can be customised to come up with an improved gloss or matte finish on your car paint colour. 

Finding High-Quality PPF

PPF can effectively and efficiently prevent minor scratches and keep your car paint fresh. The quality of this thermoplastic urethan material is based on the material is made from and how it was manufactured. 

A PPF is composed of four layers, namely polyester release liner, acrylic adhesive, polyurethane, and clearcoats. The first layer helps in securing the film to the car paint. The second layer makes sure the film doesn’t damage the surface of the paint. Polyurethane lets the film stretch and creates blocking attributes. Lastly, clearcoats improve the protective qualities of the surface and keep the film from being saturated with any liquid. 

Moreover, the use of good materials is only a part of the process for developing PPF. The way the film is assembled is also important. When you pick a PPF, ensure you get a factory-direct product. Keep in mind that you are buying PPF to block the possibility of minor scratches and safeguard the factory finish. You want to make sure you meet this goal when buying a PPF. 

Getting the Right PPF for Your Car

Today’s car paint protection films are made for particular designs or protection services. One option you have is a PPF designed with a gloss paint finish. For this paint job, you must choose a very transparent PPF, one that comes with a topcoat that enhances the depth of the car paint’s look. A professional installer may recommend that your car gets a detailed paint correction or polishing before the application of a gloss film. This eliminates any flaws in the paint job. 

Another PPF option is one for a matte paint finish. However, matte tends to get damaged easily and may no longer be repaired. Because of this, installing a PPF with a matte finish only makes financial sense. This PPF improves the matte finish and protects the paint, increasing the value of your vehicle. Also, it protects your car from debris while you are out on the road.  

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