3 Voice Acting Tips by Sumo Entertainment JD3 That Will Turn You Into a Pro

Want to be a voice acting artist? Here are 3 quick tips to become a good voice actor:

  1. Become an actor first- You might think voice acting, “regular” film or theater acting is different, but in fact, they are one of the same. Take an acting class first, and then gradually move onto a voice acting coach. Voice acting is STILL acting, and just because you are behind a microphone and cannot be visually seen on screen does NOT mean you do not need some acting chops.
  2. Start off with some inspiration- Voice acting can be hard. Start looking up other talented voice actors such as Don LaFontaine and Seth MacFarlane. Another good tip is to start off mimicking your favorite characters or other voices. After doing this, you will find it easier to develop your own signature voice.
  3. Don’t forget to annunciate- One of the best voice acting tips out there is to speak very clearly; annunciate. It is important to speak clearly and not “slur” your words when delivering lines. Some people might tend to mumble certain letters. You might need to practice this multiple times before doing actual reads or lines. Look up tips on Youtube to see how other seasoned voice actors are saying certain words.

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