French Bulldogs and Their best Options for Your Choices

Not widespread until ten years ago, the French bulldog is today one of the favorite breeds of the French. The latest published figures for registrations in the French Book of Origins (LOF) bear witness to its success: in 2008, 5,320 bulldogs were born, almost 20% more than the previous year.

The strengths of the French bulldog that his admirers simply nickname “ball” are numerous: first of all, it has a format that one could qualify as practical while presenting the appearance of a mastiff: ideal therefore for those who are attracted by this type of dog, but want to stay in the “companion dog” registry. So here are some information about snoop dogg dogs or the frenchies.

Ideal for Those Who Are Not Looking For a Hyper Athletic Dog

This does not mean, however, that he has to be sedentary. If he appreciates sofas, the ball also likes to exercise. Perfectly suited to city life, he needs an available master. His physique also plays in his favor with his crisp face, his bat ears. And even if he is not a “marathon runner”, he is dynamic and he is a real clown.

The only precaution: avoid asking him on very hot days, because with his flattened face (he is one of the so-called brachycephalic races), he experiences some breathing difficulties. But it is not a loaf of sugar either, and we know lots of balls who spend their summer holidays or who live in the south of France without problem. It’s just that their owners know very well what to do and what not to do and take the necessary precautions.

Education Tips

Within families, he spreads his good humor, his humor, and also sometimes a form of stubbornness.  The ball is very attached to his family and therefore cannot be kept away from the family nucleus. He will be in turn pot of glue or even more independent, namely preferring to sleep snoring deliciously in the basket allotted to him or on the bed, if his master lets him get used to it.

The company of other animals or dogs is usually not a problem. If he comes from a good breeding and has been properly socialized, he will be able to get along with everyone. It is advisable to channel, because when he starts to play in particular with the children with whom he makes “buddy-buddy” very easily, very often he does not know how to stop.

He is not particularly shy in the face of strangers, quite the contrary: he will most often go without waiting to party, seek a caress or bring his favorite toy in order to start a game. Nor is it a dog that tends to bark for a yes or a no. He is not a keeper.

Intelligent, he will quickly know the limits not to cross and once settled down with age, he will be a companion that could not be more charming, easy to take with you to the restaurant or elsewhere and which, of course, will force the admiration of all. On the maintenance side, the ball is in no way binding. Regular brushing with a spiked glove will be enough to maintain her dress by removing dead hair and dirt.

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