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Woodworm Infestation – What to Know About the Causes and Signs

Woodworms, as the name says, are the pests that affect the quality of the wooden planks and other such things as furniture, fixtures, and so on. They belong to the family of beetles and they look like caterpillars. They will evolve into beetles and will fly away in search of food from other sources. 

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How do you know about the Woodworm Infestation? 

You will notice some holes in the timber. These holes are made by the Beatles to go out and find their mates. Hence, the woodworms might have already infested the timber at their caterpillar stages, and their adult form will have made them get out from their habitat. 

The best way of identifying woodworm infestation in the timber is by noticing the freshly spilled wood powder on the floor. The dust that you find will belong to the timber nearby and this indicates that the caterpillar worms have infested the timber. 

Causes of the Woodworm Infestation 

Here are some of the common causes of woodworm infestation on your property. 

  • Leaks on the roof because of improper insulation leaving dampness on the wooden floor. 
  • Decaying wooden planks because of dampness accumulation are like an invitation for the woodworms. 
  • Improper maintenance of furniture, driftwood, firewood, etc., can end up inviting woodworm to them. 
  • Accumulation of kindling twigs and firewood inside the home. 

How does the Infestation Spread? 

Woodworms are known to lay eggs inside the timbers. When they leave their house in search of a mate, the eggs will hatch and will continue the infestation in any particular area. Hence, recurrence of a woodworm infestation is quite common if they are not taken care of thoroughly at the early stages. 

Signs of the Infestation 

Here are some of the indications stating that your house is suffering from the woodworm infestation. 

  • Holes 

If you find holes on the wood with a diameter of 1 to 3 mm, then it is a sign that your house is infested with woodworm. The adult beetles will create these holes, and hence you can understand that there might be the chances of woodworm recurrence in your home.  

  • Frass 

Woodworm frass is known as bore dust. If you notice the dust below or around the timber with holes, then understand that your house is infested with wood-boring weevils. The dust is not because of the carving of the wood by the caterpillar, but because of waste that is produced by the larvae during the carving of the wood. 

  • Wood Tunnels 

When a wood plank breaks and you find tunnels carved into the plank, it is understood that the wood gave up because of the woodworm infestation. 

Handling the work of woodworm infestation is the key to make your home woodworm-free. Hire the help of the professionals at early stages of infestation. 

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