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quartz countertops are very beautiful and attractive for all purposes and locations because they add beauty to every setting. If you are a lover of countertops, and you care so much about what you buy, or you are having difficulty in choosing the exact type of countertop you want to buy please read this piece carefully. You have probably heard or read about the beauty of the quartz countertops, and maybe you also find a few similarities between them and granite countertops, and you wish to have a little more information about them please know that this piece is good for you, we would like to shed a little light on discrepancies that exist between this wonderful, natural piece of art, and granite countertops.

Before we dive into discrepancies that exist between them, let us explain what quartz and granite are. Quartz is formulated by a large percentage of natural stone with few amounts of polymer resins this means that quartz countertops are manufactured with both natural stone materials and artificial resins, they are not made from a hundred percent natural material. Granite is cut out of full natural stone which is very solid and hard, granite countertops are not made with resins so they can be said to be one hundred percent natural as they are only cut from mined stones and polished to taste.

Weight, talking about weight, granite countertops is not as heavy as countertops made with quartz in fact the engineered quartz countertops are usually heavier than other countertops made by other stone materials, so quartz countertops are heavier than granite countertops in terms of weight. In terms of color both quartz and granite can be said to be colorful, so a little similarity exist here but you should also know that it is easier to find colors that suit your taste in quartz than granite also, quartz can have up to three to four colors at a time and that can make selection very easy for you. Durability speaking of durability, the quartz material is very more durable than granite material because of its solid and hard surface which makes maintenance easy and mild unlike granite material which requires you to always try to avoid spillage and stains for fear of getting it permanently disfigured, also granite countertops requires more and immediate cleaning and washing than quartz countertops, which means that it requires more stress to maintain than quartz’s 

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