Organic Cotton T-Shirts to Have in Your Responsible Wardrobe

Originally, the t-shirt was a clothing item that was worn only by men. Uniform of sailors then American soldiers, it served as an undershirt. It was from the 1930s that this timeless garment was accepted by everyone and now it has became one trendy piece as the t-shirt has become a staple in our wardrobe. You can shop for these timeless pieces with American Eagle Promo Code Egypt to make your wardrobe stylish and unique.

The organic cotton t-shirt, the most popular piece in ethical fashion

Many surveys have been carried out related to the integration of organic cotton t-shirts within fashion and style staples and good percentage of women explained that this is the product they would buy first for a more sustainable wardrobe. This has eventually created demand for the products and the offer too. Many designers are scrambling to offer ecological t-shirts in organic cotton in a range of varied colors and with cuts and patterns more original than each other. The t-shirt adapts to all situations and all styles. Classic, colorful, casual or more chic look, there is something for everyone with American Eagle Promo Code Egypt.

The benefits of organic

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs. The producers use natural insecticides, which do not harm the environment and are not toxic to the farmers and workers who design the clothes. Organic cotton also saves water compared to conventional cotton. Growing organic cotton t-shirt would save up to 90% water compared to growing a conventional cotton t-shirt, equivalent to over 2250 liters of water.

Recognized labels for organic cotton t-shirt

GOTS: The GOTS label is the star certification for organic cotton clothes. It is this label that you will most often find on the label of your organic cotton t-shirt. It certifies that your t-shirt contains at least 95% certified organic fibers. The brand ensures that the cotton has not been in contact with pesticides or other toxic substances throughout its production chain: from cultivating the fields to making the final garment. This label also implies a reduction in water during cotton cultivation and ethical production throughout the clothing production chain.

OCS 100: The Organic Content Standard 100 label, also called OCS100, is distributed to clothing containing between 95% and 100% organic materials. This label verifies the absence of GMOs, toxic products and pesticides throughout the production chain: from cultivation to the distribution of your t-shirt.

A GOTS OR OCS100 certified product guarantees you a truly organic cotton garment. These labels allow you to confidently buy your new t-shirt for your responsible closet with closed eyes. Not having a label affixed to a product does not necessarily mean that the garment is harmful to our environment. In these cases, additional research should be done by going to the brands website or by shopping with American Eagle Promo Code Egypt. So, on your next purchase, it will always be better to favor an organic cotton t-shirt rather than a conventional cotton t-shirt.

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