Five Proven Ways To Become A Better Leader In The Workplace

For any organization, getting an effective leader is essential for its prosperity. A strong leader is as good as a teacher for the employees in an organization who help them enhance their performance and skills. An efficient team is established when a good leader drives the team and allows them to perform well. This is why it is crucial that every organization has efficient leaders who can take the organization to a better state in terms of performance, business, and success. So, here we have five proven ways to become a better leader in the workplace.

Practice Open Communication:

One way you can become a better leader is by practicing open communication with team members and other employees, regardless of group communication or one-to-one communication. As a leader, you have the time to foster a strong relationship with them so that you can engage in honest and open communication with them. Paying attention to every team member is also important so that they know that you are available for them whenever they need you.

However, having clear communication does not only mean paying attention to team members but also owning up to any mistakes or admitting if you don’t know about something. Team members appreciate it when you admit to not knowing everything and tend to respect you even more. This is the perfect opportunity for a leader to assure team members that he will come to an indefinite solution.

Be Open to New Ideas:

Another trait of a good and effective leader is that he possesses the emotional intelligence to concede that change is imminent and necessary. Maintaining a standing for the sake of consistency is not always a good option. Welcoming change and new ideas helps in bringing out the best for the team, as well as the organization. Being open to new ideas largely outweighs beating around the bush for traditional processes. As individuals, everyone has a different viewpoint, and good leaders welcome this rather than deterring it.

Ask for Feedback:

Honest feedback is not only for your team members but also for yourself. It can be hard to do a true self-assessment of your leadership. Mentors, colleagues, and even your staff are valuable in helping you evaluate your effectiveness. Talking to your peers and friends can help you gain the right perspective about your leadership style.

Thomas Kane is an example of a leader working as Managing Director at Merrill Private Wealth Management. Tommy Kane Chicago based entrepreneur continuously seeks feedback from his team so that he can lead his team better.

Recognize Progress:

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work is one of the most inspirational traits of a leader. Employees will be motivated to work harder and more if they feel valued for their efforts. Employees who don’t get a reward are more motivated to work harder. Employees are more motivated and encouraged to work harder if they get a simple pat on their back or a simple “well done”. This will improve employee engagement and allow them to continue performing at their best.

Be a Role Model:

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” said John Calvin Maxwell, an American author, speaker, and pastor.

People will be inspired by your leadership and emulate you if you are a role model for integrity and hard work. You can become a better leader by modeling the qualities that you would like to see in your team.

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