Traffic Light’s Function And Significance

Traffic lights are a set of electronic automated light displays that blink at intervals with different colors and modes on roads and various angles. seeing the traffic light for the first time one might wonder how this long pole with lights manages to control the movements of thousands of cars that ply a root and give accurate signals when needed?  The traffic light is a computerized device that works along with infrared sensors fixed at certain points on the road, this device transmits signals to the traffic light when it comes in contact with vehicles. Sometimes there are CCTV cameras monitoring movements on the road, so before you decide to disobey commands giving by the traffic lights, prepare for possible punishments if caught, although Motorcycle accident attorney might be able to defend you from getting jail terms or community service you might end up dropping some coins as fine if you are caught on CCTV. Traffic lights are like computerized traffic wardens saddled with the duty of controlling traffic and maintaining orderliness on our roads. Traffic lights come in various sizes and designs but they all serve the same purpose I.e. give the same set of commands and directives.

What exactly do the lights on the traffic light mean?

  • Red: when you are in traffic and you see the red light on which is usually static this means that you must halt movements immediately, why halt movement, the traffic light would only go red if movement at that point in time can be dangerous for you or other road users, it could be that vehicles are moving at intercessions, corners or sharp bends next to you, the best thing at that moment is to stop and keep the focus on the light till it changes signal.
  • Yellow: whenever you see the traffic light display yellow light which is usually in blinking mode, the yellow signal is trying to inform you about nothing other than getting ready for movement so if you already turned off your ignition, it is time to turn it back on, but know that you are only to get ready to move and not move yet and if you do, you might be just heading for an accident then you will be needing a Motorcycle accident attorney to get you bailed out.
  • Green: the green static light means only one thing and that is movement, the green light signal indicates that it is safe to keep moving.

The traffic light makes the work of traffic police very easy as they don’t need to stress themselves anymore controlling traffic with gestures and signs.

Traffic lights are more effective in terms of traffic control, the traffic light unlike human traffic controllers doesn’t get tired easily and the probability of confusing road users is very slim and unlikely. Traffic light uses technology and saves manpower

Traffic light reduces the risk of getting accidents on the road, though it has not been proven that traffic lights completely stop accidents it has been proven that Motorcycle accident attorneys help accident victims to get all necessary compensations even when it seems impossible.

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