Various Factors Affecting the Expenses of Shipping a Car

It is that time of your life when you want to move your belongings and your business to a new location. This is where you want to start a new life, but what is bothering you is how you will be managing to move your most loved vehicle or vehicles to this new place, especially when you can’t move it all by yourself.

In such cases, taking help from a car shipping company can be the only option left for you. And why not! This is going to be a cost-effective and safer one too. To find such a company will be the first thing you need to do. You need someone reliable and who can give you the best services at the best price. 

Ship a Car, Inc. is a reliable and well-known shipping company that provides the best of options when it comes to shipping your vehicles. They have a huge network of carriers who can make sure that your vehicles are shipped safely. When it comes to the cost to ship a car, they give the best pricing they can, but that also depends on various factors.   


This is one of the major factors to be considered when it comes to cost. A general household mover will not move autos and you will have to hire a shipping company to move your vehicle. Moving to bigger cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston will cost you less as these are the main routes to deliver cars. But when it comes to rural areas, it will be more as the driver has to turn from the main routes to deliver the car. Thus, it will add up to the cost additionally because of the extra miles or the gas incurred. 


Every industry has its high and low seasons. In this shipping industry, transporting a car during the winter season will be more expensive as compared to the summer season. Winter is the snowbird’s season which means more retirees travel to Southern states like Florida, Texas, etc. Thus, the amount of traffic on the road along with the bad road conditions makes it much worse for the transportation, thus making the cost high. On the other hand, summer is a little cheaper, but the cost is not much different though.   


Another factor that affects the cost more will be the timeline in which you need the car to be shipped. Just like any other express delivery service, shipping the car through express delivery services will cost more. On the other hand, the more flexible you are with the shipping timeline the lesser you will get to pay.

Open V/s Enclosed Carriers:

There are two types of carriers available for transportation and i.e. an open carrier and an enclosed one. Open trailers are the ones that are open and the cars are exposed to the environmental conditions. These are the in-expensive ones as they carry many other cars together and are transported together to the new destination. Normally there shouldn’t be any problem with this, but sometimes bad weather can cause some damage. On the other hand, enclosed ones are more expensive as they are suitable for high-end cars and there would be more protection and safety for your car. 

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