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Discover Two Minor Repairs To Do Without Professional Help!

You may already know that doing minor repairs at home is a way to save money and save time, right? In general, these minor adjustments are carried out by the resident himself and are related to maintenance and day-to-day events, such as the clogging of a sink and the paint on a wall that is beginning to peel but when you can’t, invite licensed technician to help you. You might not be needing the help of a plumber after reading this. Here are repairs you can do without professional help:

  1. Change Shower

Usually, the burning of a shower is associated with the burning of electrical resistance. The repair seems to be a difficult task; it would help if you changed this resistance. To do this, turn off the bathroom circuit breaker (since there is a risk that you will get a shock if it is on) and remove the cover under the shower.

Then observe the position of the burnt heater and carefully remove it. The new one must be installed immediately afterward in the same position as the old one. Count on the package instructions to carry out this process, considering the groove and contact fittings. Finally, refit the shower cover and open the valve for the cold water to flow through the new heater and eliminate the risk of immediate burning. Then turn the circuit breaker back on and use your shower.

  1. Unclog Sinks

It is expected that once in a while, dirt and even food scraps end up down the drain and cause the sink to clog. In some situations, the drain plunger (always used with water in the sink) can solve the situation, but it is essential to use other techniques in more critical cases. Initially, try to unclog the item by putting a cup of baking soda, a salt, and a cup of boiling water down the drain. If this technique doesn’t work, you must remove the siphon.

It gets screwed into the drain, just below the sink. After unscrewing it, remove all excess dirt and use a brush to remove everything that is stuck. Finally, put the item back down the drain. But when it proves hard for you, use the help of best company near me to do the work.

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