Tire shredders are devices basically used in carrying out tire-shredding operations for the purpose of recycling them into other usable products. There are different vehicles sizes with different functionality, ranging from the big vehicles, such as van, tractor, lorries, trucks, ambulances, to the small vehicles such as taxi, police car, other different cars we see in our neighborhood that is used in running day-to-day activities, from home to work, work to the church, to market, to meetings and many other places we go to, as well as the scooter, bike and bicycles we use, possess different tire sizes with different level of hardness and are of different quality. This has helped inform us that shredding these different types of tires will require different levels of forces to be applied by each tire shredder assigned.

Hence, tire shredder has been designed in different sizes and qualities to help accommodate different types of tires that can be recycled, we have about five well-known types of tire shredder which are shear shredders, chippers, grinders, granulators, and specialty shredders. We are going to be looking at the uniqueness of different types of these tire shredders and what they do.

Shear shredders are multipurpose devices that are used in cutting alloys and other sheet metal material, and the larger machines of this type use a straight shear action with a blade, while some shearing machines use a scissor-like and angular shear to cut metal into strips. These types are typically low speed and use two shaft rotary knives to cut materials into smaller particles. 

Chippers, this type of tire shredder can either be single or multiple-stage devices that use high-speed rotary knives, wheels, and drums in the process to cut tires into particles. Grinders are a type of tire shredder that can work on either high or low-speed using wheels, drums, and plates in the wearing-off process; they are often used with compression to crush materials. 

Granulators are essentially rotary grinders that help with grinding scrap parts and melt delivery systems into feedstock-sized granules, and this machine also allows the molder to reduce waste components more cost-effectively, this particular machine varies widely in size and operation. It employs units that use knives to cut parts into smaller particles. 

Specialty shredders, there are some tires that are designed for highly proficient work, hence they require a special shredding machine to forcefully tear the tire into small particles using rotary shafts at low speeds, under high torque.

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