The role of NGOs in environmental protection:

Nowadays there are many nongovernmental organizations whose concerns are more focused on social issues, environmental issues and health issues. They are in broad terms, which include charity organization and various other professional organizations. Corporate ngo partnerships also help to improve environmental protection. They are involved in the developmental activities from creating environmental mental protection awareness. Most of the NGO s is playing a vital role in framing the environmental policy, supporting environmental conservation and protecting the endangered species. Here you can see the role of NGO’s in environmental protection.

Functions of NGOs:

The NGO’s will do the monitoring of the environment and make a report if there is an issue. Their main aim is to protect the environment. The NGO’s will manage to save the natural resources and environment. They will make awareness among the people to increase environmental protection. The NGO’s will execute some environmental management plans to increase the resources. They are involved in the protection of human rights to get a clean environment. They give preference for child education and their development and give equal concentration in various fields. They conducted many awareness programs so people will get many benefits from them.

Creates awareness programs:

The Nongovernmental organization mainly works to save and protect the environment. They conduct awareness programs and camp across the country to create awareness among people about the depleting natural resources. Due to factories developments and chemical waste gets mixed with clean drinking water causing many health problems to the people. NGOs will help reduce deforestation and educate the people on the significance of segregating waste material into biodegradable waste. They are taking more responsibilities to develop the environment. They will always support the environment rather than the public.

Protects natural resource:

They tell about protecting the natural resources and entrusting the equitable use of resources to the peoples. NGOs are mostly analyzed and monitoring environmental quality. They conduct some organizing seminars, lectures and group discussion for the promotion of environmental awareness. They also do some projects to produce the environment. They will plant a lot of trees during the awareness programs to have a peaceful environment. NGOs mainly help preserve the environment and create awareness among the public on current environmental issues and solutions. They facilitate the participation of various categories of stakeholders in the discussion on environmental protection. They mostly create some awareness program among the public. Give awareness to people who know about current environmental issues.

Role of NGO in sustainable livelihood:

Sustainability is playing an important role in environmental protection. It has been found that the current rate of human resource extraction and consumption has become unsustainable for our world, so that it is important to protect our environment. Nongovernmental organizations are mainly helping to create a more sustainable environment. The NGO is also made a sustainable livelihood program to save our environment.

Final thoughts:

The NGO concentrates on children’s education and will always want to give the best part in developing the environment. They conducted many awareness programs and various activities among the people.

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