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Keeping Your Family Alive with a Ready Supply of Fresh Protein

Not very long ago, quite a few people scoffed at doomsday preppers. Even those who believed the demise of society was imminent but weren’t actually preparing for it got their fair share of scrutiny. That’s not exactly the case these days, though. More people than ever before are fairly certain that something bad is coming. Mankind may not be wiped off the face of the planet, but it’s certainly going to face difficult times during the decades to come. As such, it’s best to get ready for the inevitable while it’s still possible to do so.

Catching Fish on the Fly

While plenty of freeze-dried and dehydrated snacks and meal kits are on the market, they can only go so far. In a survival situation, fishing for preppers is an ideal way to ensure a ready supply of fresh protein is available to your family. As it turns out, there are several ways to catch fish in a bind even if you don’t have a boat and fancy equipment at your disposal.

Keep Hooks and Line on Hand

It’s always a good idea to have extra hooks and fishing line on hand in case you need it. Keep them in your underground shelter or include them in your bug-out bag. All you really need is a small container to keep them in so the hooks won’t cause injuries or damage other items around them. When you go fishing, just tie the line to a sturdy stick. There’s no need to waste a lot of space with lures, either. Nature’s bait is the simplest and most effective solution. All you have to do is dig a hole and pluck out a few worms to keep the fish coming.

Add a Net to Your Supplies

Handheld nets can be a lifesaver if the need to catch fish comes to pass. Just dip them into the water and snag whatever swims by. If space is of the essence, though, you can easily add a gill net to your bug-out kit instead. It won’t take up as much space as a dip net, and you can pull it out anytime you need for reeling in a serving of aquatic protein. Keep in mind, though, fishing with a gill net isn’t necessarily a sure-fire thing, and it could take a bit of time and patience.

Build Basket Traps

People have been building basket traps for centuries. They’re basically funnel-shaped baskets. One end is open for the fish to swim into, and the other end is closed so they can’t simply swim back out. Remember, fish don’t really have a reverse function, so they can’t just back up to free themselves from the basket trap. You can purchase basket traps to make things simpler or build them when the need arises using flexible sticks, vines, or sturdy grasses.

Learn to Fish Now to Feed Your Family for a Lifetime

Being able to fend for yourself will be the key to survival if the world takes a turn for the worse. In fact, with the way things have been going lately, that time may very well be close at hand. From gardening and hunting to stockpiling and building a hidden shelter, there are plenty of ways to get ready for what may be to come. No matter which measures you’re taking to get prepared, learning to fish without the conventional conveniences can make a world of difference in your family’s life after the world changes.

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