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How to remodel your bathroom with waterproof carpets? 

We Homo sapiens are God’s only creation that have the inclination and urge to remodel everything in our mortal life. Following a few years after our birth till our last days of life, we are continuously in the quest for something new and something better. Our whole existence revolves around this aspect. For some it’s easy, while it’s hard for some others, depending on various factors; but this is a common trait among all of us.

The homes that we live in are true reflections and extensions of our personalities. We want them to be the best and we strive in making them the best. We don’t want to ignore any feature and from our exteriors to our interiors, we desire excellence.

 Since bathrooms are hidden rooms with usually less traffic as compared to other areas, we fail to notice their worth and want to spend less there.  If properly equipped and accessorized, our bathrooms can too be our safe havens where we can relax in the time we spend there.With proper planning we can achieve superior quality within our limited budget as well.

Importance of carpeting in bathrooms : Speaking of bathroom accessories, carpets are vital ones. Some think that carpets are a luxury element in washrooms, but they aren’t. Instead they are a necessity if you have kids and elderly at home. A major point of concern for some is that carpets often get moldy and wet in washrooms no matter how elaborately ventilated they are. Furthermore, with plumbings and sanitary fittings there is always risk of leakage which causes flooding in bathrooms. So bathroom carpets aren’t the ideal choice for them.

Importance of water proof carpeting: Keeping various naysayers at bay, a way out has been found for this problem too. Waterproof carpets are here, and they are sure to be here for good. The practicality and comfort they provide will not let their trend fade away soon. Numerous interior decorators are suggesting the use of water proof carpets in bathrooms which doubles their credibility too.

The advantages are plenty. Let’s take a look into what benefits can be achieved if we switch to waterproof carpets for the bathroom.

  • Bathroom floor stays dry: Firstly they are a wonderful support for children and elderly. With them, there is always a silent risk of slip and fall accidents. Children can endure such mishaps but for over age people, such injuries can be life threatening and none of us would want to put our loved ones in such grievance. With waterproof carpets the floor remains dry every time so these accidents can easily be avoided.
  • Bathroom floor remains warm: On a cold day, taking a hot shower is the best way to unwind, but stepping out of a hot shower onto a stone cold floor is not desirable in any way. Rather the warmth and relaxation will vanish in a fraction of a second. Here waterproof carpets come to rescue. Imagine the indulgence of treading on a warm flooring instead, which will indeed be your water proof carpet.
  • Bathroom floor remains mold and fungus free: Waterproof carpets are made of either olefin or nylon; both these materials are water resistant and keep the bathroom interior dry and prevent formation of mold in bathroom carpets. In this way we can avoid the production of various microbes too that can cause bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Bathroom carpets aren’t expensive: Remodeling bathrooms with waterproof carpets is pretty much on the economical side. As mentioned above water proof carpets are made of nylon or olefin, and both these materials are easily sourced and their production doesn’t cost a dime. This ease in manufacturing process ultimately facilitates the buyer who doesn’t have to pay much for such comfort for his home.
  • Bathroom carpets are easy to maintain: As compared to other carpets like cotton, jute or woolen rugs and carpets, waterproof carpets are low maintenance. Installing them and keeping them clean is not a hassle for the home owners. Minimum care can keep them afresh and thus increasing their longevity. Their easy to clean texture is their key feature.









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