5 Quarantine Beauty Routines for Men

From CTM to face masking, there are several beauty routines a man must use for skincare.

We have discussed the skincare and beauty routines in various blogs. The lockdown period is critical and we suggest everyone to be highly careful. New waves of covid-19 are appearing that’s why it is necessary to use precautionary measures in order to avoid infection. The coupon.ae gives valid Sephora promo code on men skincare products. Boys who are beauty obsessed should not ignore the skincare even if in quarantine. You will have to move out finally when the lockdowns are over. Here are some guidelines to maintain the beauty and skin in quarantine.

Try CTM:

What is CTM? This term stands for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. It is highly important for everyone. Don’t worry about the makeup or beauty products. All you need is a pack of three different products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Do you have all these products at home? As a matter of fact, most of us have these products at home and using them in quarantine would not be an issue. Those who require special cleansing, toning or moisturizing supplies should redeem Sephora promo code right now.


Why exfoliate in quarantine? As a matter of fact, exfoliation is a technique that helps to remove the dirt and pollution from the skin. Some may consider it helpful for the normal days. However, it is also important for the quarantine days. Exfoliation also helps to remove the dead skin cells from surface. Remember, skin cells are dying and reproducing with the passage of time. The dead cells have no mechanism for automatic shedding. Therefore, beauticians recommend exfoliate to get rid of these dead cells. Ignoring the exfoliate results in negative consequences for skin such as itching, dandruff, inflammation and other infections.

Never Miss the Masking:

While facemask is mandatory in public places, it is also necessary to wear the beauty masks at home. These are the skin treatments helpful to minimize the swelling, inflammation and more. Masking also lets the users get rid of pollutants, dirt and debris on the skin. Masking is a simple technique and there is nothing special if you want to do it at home.

Shave or Trim:

Men always shave regularly. It is necessary if you are not fond of a beard. Men who like keeping bread use trimming. It means that there are two parallel options available for the men. Redeem Sephora promo code on shaving and trimming materials. Sephora store provides best beauty tools at highly discounted rates. Never miss the chance especially when you are in dire need of beauty tools during lockdowns.

Hydrate and Moisturizing:

Both steps propose skin development. Hydrating the skin becomes important in hot month. No doubt, it is also necessary in the cold months but one can’t ignore this in summers. We suggest using specialized hydrating materials. Focus on skin-friendly and cost effective skin hydrating formulas. Finding these formulas at Sephora UAE is very simple for everyone.

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