Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy: Cost, Effectiveness & Safety

People are always eager to try new and different things to make them appear beautiful. One such treatment is vacuum butt lift therapy. Unlike the traditional Brazilian butt lift, the Midtown Vacuum Butt Lift Center assists in toning and tightening the butt without any fat grafting and incisions. But do you know what vacuum therapy is? Don’t worry! This blog post will provide you all the answers to your questions.

What Is Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy?

Vacuum butt lift therapy involves massaging to life your skin through a device equipped with several suction cups. It is also known as depressomassage and vacuotherapy. It is different from traditional Brazilian butt lift therapy, which involves using incisions to lift the skin around the butt area. Form of vacuum therapy is also used to treat cellulite in your body. This therapy is known as Endermologie (which is approved by FDA).

Cost Of Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy

The cost of the Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy depends on three factors. One is the location. The second is who is providing the service, and lastly, what is the extent of your treatment. The charge at Midtown Vacuum Butt Lift Center is around USD 85 for an hour session. However, you need to go for multiple sessions as it is not a permanent solution. It is considered to be a creative procedure hence, not included in the insurance cover.

Is The Therapy Effective?

If you look at the therapy closely, it provides deep massaging benefits. The process works wonders to tone the buttocks and decrease the tensions in the muscles. The skin appears tighter and more toned after multiple sessions in a week. 

According to the research, vacuum butt lift therapy does not offer the results as the surgical ones. Some professionals suggest liposuction to get the permanent and best results of the therapy.

If you stop your treatment sessions, the skin will start to loosen again. The doctors may advise surgery if you want permanent results.

Is Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy Safe?

The Midtown Vacuum Butt Lift Center suggests that the procedure is intra-operative. Hence, there are no to few side effects of the procedure. Chances are that you may feel a little pain and closeness in the treated area for some time. You may also develop a little swelling in the area. Therefore, it is safe, but you should do it at your risk.


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