Practical Opportunities for Choosing the Finest Two Tier Desk

In general, there are four main models of individual Two-tier Desks on the market (excluding station, bench and meeting table) which allow you to alternate sitting and standing during your time spent at the office. To be well equipped, it is necessary to identify two key points upstream:

What Is My Use?

Occasional: Less than 5 hours per day / 2 to 3 days per week

Intensive: More than 8 hours per day / every day

What Is My Budget?

The cost of acquiring a Two-tier Desk is higher than a traditional desk. This price difference is explained in particular by:

  • The lifting system brought to the office (manual or electric)
  • The research and development costs for wear comfort and especially the speed of movement and sound
  • To date, an individual Two-tier Desk in France can cost between $ 150 excluding tax and $ 2,800 excluding tax, depending of course on the level of quality and the level of on-board technology.

The Main Models: Manual Two-Tier Desks

The height of the desk is adjusted by turning a crank located under the top.

These models are less expensive than those with one or more engines. The main advantage is that there is no electrical connection necessary and therefore they are easier to move and allow the benefits of a Two-tier Desk to be enjoyed in places where there is no electricity.

This being compared to desks equipped with electric motors, the use of the crank requires a physical effort, somewhat restrictive and which could discourage some users. In addition, as they do not allow the heights to be memorized, they require the height of the desk to be adjusted at each change of position and therefore waste work time.

Electric Seated Standing Desks with Single Motor

The height of these models is controlled by a single motor located in the structure and which moves the two telescopic columns that make up the desk legs. These are the cheapest models on the market among the electric Two-tier Desks. They are designed for so-called occasional use such as for teleworking for example.

Equipped with a single motor, their speed of movement and amplitude are lower compared to models with double motor. In addition, the sound level is generally higher (on average 50dB). Under more intense use, these models can lose reliability over the long term. This kind of model should be used for home use, i.e. 2 to 3 days per week, generally less than 5 hours per day.

Electric Two-Tier Desks With Double Motor

The height of the desk is controlled by two motors which are placed in each of the two legs of the structure. The lifting power provided by the two motors provides greater stability, amplitude and speed of movement than on single motor models. The noise level is also lower (On average 48dB), and they allow to support a load on the plate higher than that of the models with single engine (On average more than 100kg). This type of model is recommended for intensive use (every day of the week, more than 8 hours per day on average) and more particularly within the framework of a professional activity.