AMC ticket prices and Its Exclusive specifications

AMC Wrappers is for die-hard moviegoers who want to be rewarded for their devotion. Members gain points toward prizes, receive a free gift on their birthday, have online tickets costs eliminated, special offers on Tuesdays, and often more! With so many opportunities to earn points and redeem incentives, joining Sections is a no-brainer!

AMC Tickets Explorer membership is free, and AMC Stubs Premier membership is only $15 per year! Purchases of tickets and concessions both earn points. The decision to pay for the higher tier AMC Stubs membership is based on how frequently you go to the movies. The AMC Stubs Subscription Service, or loyal customer club, includes three categories that cater to moviegoers ranging from casual to hardcore gamers:

Advantages for Insiders, Premieres, and A-Listers

AMC’s theatre customer loyalty offers the widest range of benefits of any theatre subscription service. Subscribers are eligible for a $5 virtual benefit for every 5,000 points acquired on goods purchased at authorized AMC ticket prices in Theatres and recognized ticketing participants. You may also earn Stubs points if you purchase your tickets via Ticketmaster!

Members get points for paying the monthly A-List membership fee. Any extra tickets purchased receive 100 points for every dollar spent at selected AMC Cinemas multiplexes and refreshment outlets.

Stubs A-List Customers will have access to up to three different movie midnight screenings every week. Two dimensional Digital movies, as well as films in Are often 3D and Luxury Huge Modes such as Dolby Cinems.Members of AMC Stubs Insiders can apply their $5 reward toward the purchase of qualifying items on the menu.

  • Subscribers of AMC ticket prices 2022 Stubs Premium can apply their $5 reward toward tickets and qualifying food and beverage items.
  • AMC Stubs A-List Subscribers can use their $5 incentive to box office purchases, tickets not seen in the premium subscription, and qualified food and beverage purchases.
  • Gift cards, retail products, registration fees, or alcohol cannot be purchased using rewards.

Ticketing Fees Have Been Removed

All ticketing costs for AMC Stubs Premiere and AMC Stubs A-List Members are eliminated when bought from AMC ticket prices 2022 or participating partners. Ticketing costs are eliminated for AMC Stubs Insider Members who purchase four or more tickets at once through AMC Theatres.


On big popcorn, you may get one free refill the very next day   AMC Stubs subscribers must pay for the first refill of the yearly reusable popcorn bowl, but can subsequently refill for free a second attempt in the same week.

Members of AMC Stubs can only earn points and redeem prizes on approved transactions. There are certain exceptions. Visit our website to check which transactions qualify for points and awards.

Premium Tracks are only accessible at select stores.

The discount is only valid for full-priced tickets for Tuesday showtimes and varies by region. Premium versions and special events are subject to surcharges. There are certain exceptions. Click here for state-specific pricing and programme exclusions. Members of AMC Stubs are entitled to one big popcorn refill on the day of purchase only. Specialty popcorn is not permitted. AMC ticket prices 2022subscriptions and privileges are only available at participating theatres. Pricing and perks are subject to change without notice.

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