The role played by NGO in promoting education and empowering disabilities:

In today’s world, education is both the means and the end to the best and better life. It is a movement from a dark colour to light. Without education, individuals get caught in generational cycles of backwardness and poverty. Seven decades have gone after independence but still struggles to achieve a literacy rate of over 90 per cent. Providing quality education to all children should be the top priority. In the present situation, the term disability has changed, especially in the last decades, by what is called social disability. To deal with this growing concern, the NGOs play a proactive role in offering the opportunities to empower this nascent group. Here are some lists about the role played by NGOs in promoting education and empowering disabilities.

Why NGOs need to boost education:

The retention rate in schools is still low, and a large number of children drop out even before completing the class. The status of child education is even worse as the mindset that children may not be educated as they are to be married off still prevails in society. In such a situation, the role of society becomes all more important to ensure that the benefits of education reach the lowest of society. Several education NGO has been working to extend education to underprivileged children in India. The NGO works at the root level connecting with the masses and spreading awareness on the importance of good education.

How NGOs are giving to the cause of education:

NGOs save the children have the movement to provide quality education to the most deprived children of India. With programs in the most remote area, the NGO ensures that the benefits of the right to education reach the most deprived kid. Other important aspect of improving the quality among the deprived children is to make learning a fun experience. Child education NGOs in India like Save the Children train teachers to impart learning using child-friendly and teaching-learning methods. This sets infrastructure and libraries right, conducts English classes, conducts computers and facilitates extra activities and sports.

Need for empowerment:

It is a matter of good and great concern that the abilities and potential of these disabled are not utilized or explored to their fullest. If channelized or utilized properly to its fullest potential, it is a great loss of human resources and could prove to be an asset in the growth of society. This is where the role of NGO disabilities becomes more prominent.

How can the disabled are empowered:

With the help of some organizations, there has been a larger response to empower these disabled people and push them to the nation’s mainstream. Some efforts have been made to provide better and best opportunities to the disabled, beginning to provide education and other necessary support.

Bottom line:

The importance of NGOs in the spread of education and disabilities to different nooks and corners of a vast is undeniable. NGO can make sure that no kid is left behind when it comes to getting an education.

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