First Aid: The Essential of Aiding and Saving Lives

We, humans, are all living beings having a certain unknown lifespan attached to us, Erste-Hilfe Kurs. And in this lifespan, we may come across unfortunate events such as accidents or injuries leading to an alter in our lives. These life-altering incidents may go on to impact our lives based on the severity of the damage or injury caused and this is when the importance of first aid comes in handy Erste-Hilfe und Sehtest für Führerschein. The concept of first aid has been prevalent throughout history due to warfare, leading to the need for treatment for both traumatic and medical cases. Ever since then, first aid has always been an in-demand field and you can now also pursue a course on this such as the Erste-Hilfe Kurs München(First aid course munich)

First aid – the need of the golden hour

During circumstances of an illness or injury, the person may be suffering from either minor or severe damages depending on the impact of the illness or incident suffered. In such a time, the person will need to be tended to and treated immediately, for them to recover or even survive, based on the severity Erste-Hilfe Kurs Samstag. And this instant treatment provided to them is called First aid. It is the immediate or first assistance given.

Usually, in cases of major accidents/injuries, the first hour post the incident is a very crucial period within which the person needs to be given first aid immediately and kept alive. This hour is called the golden hour. This occurs when the person is fighting life and death and hence the type of first aid for these severe situations would be more intense and important.

Types of first aid

Everyone should know how to help out with basic first aid such as providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), wrapping a bandage, applying plaster, etc. However, there are many types of first aids that require training to be performed such as-

  • Marine first aids- constitutes mariners, lifeguards, and diver rescue
  • Warfare first aids- treating war combats and non-combats
  • Oxygen first aid- providing oxygen to casualties suffering from hypoxia
  • Wilderness first aid- provided to people stuck in remote areas while arranging for their evacuation
  • Mental health first aid- helping people deal with their mental health problems and crisis and guiding them out of it, which is completely different from physical first aid.

Importance of first-aiders and how to become one

Having read how crucial first aid can be to someone suffering from the aftermath of an illness or injury, first aiders play a major role in saving them, simply by giving the right treatment at the right time günstige Erste-Hilfe Kurse.

To become a first-aider, you will have to undergo professional training and take up courses. However, profession or not, first aid is an essential skill that needs to be known by everyone, and hence doing courses such as the Erste-Hilfe Kurs München will deem highly beneficial and make you capable of saving your life as well as others’ in times of need.

Hence, get equipped with these crucial skills of first aid because you never know when you need them to aid lives and safe lives!

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