The Facts to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Space 

People have dreamt of reaching the stars for thousands of years, but it was not until 1969 when the first person stepped on the moon. Since then, many people have traveled to space and hundreds of space satellites have been launched. Several institutions have also sent various machines to study the objects that are very far from the earth. 

Space is amazing. It has trillions of objects and billions of galaxies. Today, Eiretrip allows people to explore this interesting and mystique area. If you are ready to do that, here are the facts to consider before booking your ticket. 

  • There is No Noise in Space 

Possibly, the first thing that hits your mind when you see lightning and hear thunderstorms in the sky is that everything in space is super violent. But did you know that space is silent? Yes, space is silent and everything there floats calmly. We can contrast a visit to space with a trip to the jungle when describing it to a tourist. However, there are no people, animals, or plants in space. Expect a huge area that has nothing. 

  • The Temperature of the Hottest Planet Exceeds 450 Degrees Celsius


Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet? Its average temperature exceeds 450 degrees Celsius. That means Venus is hot enough to melt lead. That is interesting considering that Venus is very far from the sun. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, but unlike Venus, it experiences temperature variations due to the absence of an atmosphere. 

  • Counting the Number of Stars in Space is Impossible


People wonder what would happen if someone kept going out into space – as far as they wanted. Would the person keep passing stars forever? Are the stars in every direction infinite? Or will their journey come to an end? How would it end? Scientists have no answers to the questions yet. 

Most scientists believe that you would pass stars forever regardless of the direction you took. Others believe that the universe may eventually wrap back all around itself. So, you would eventually come back to the starting point. 

Due to the huge size of space, predicting the number of stars correctly is impossible. Scientists estimate that the number of stars in our galaxy or the Milky Way is over 400 billion. And because space has billions of galaxies, numbering the stars correctly is impossible. However, a trip to space will allow you to get closer to the stars and take beautiful photos. 

  •  A Single Venus Rotation Takes over One Earth’s Year 

Venus is among the most interesting planets. Apart from its very high temperature, Venus has a slow rotation. A single rotation takes around 243 earth days.  In other words, the orbit of this planet takes around 225 earth days. So, if traveling to space is among your plans, you should buy the equipment you need to capture beautiful photos of Venus. 

  • The Sun is Amazing 

One of the steps to making space tourism enjoyable is ensuring that people see, experience, and understand something new. According to Andrey Bokarev, space travel companies have to be on the lookout for more opportunities for their clients. When in space, one of the unique things that space tourists notice is the sun. Sun is the biggest part of the solar system. Its mass occupies around 99.86 percent of the solar system. That means that its mass is around 330,000 times that of the earth.  

It is evident that space has many wonders and learning a few facts before traveling there is important. We have only highlighted a few facts that will help you learn about the solar system. There are many things to learn about the solar system before you travel to space. 

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