Is Bad Breath Related to Dental Health Issues?

Bad breath is a disease also known as halitosis. Poor oral hygiene habits usually cause this disease, and it can be a doorway for other diseases, too. It can even get worse by eating other types of food and by keeping unhealthy habits. In the quest for quality dental care in West Newton, understanding the relationship between bad breath and dental health becomes most important. 

Causes of bad breath related to dental health issues

  • Bad oral healthcare

Not taking proper care of your mouth is one of the causes of bad breath. Not brushing your teeth or flossing them well is the reason because when we eat food, there are hundreds of bacteria in our mouth that feed on that food and leave a foul-smelling product behind.

  • Gum disease

Gum disease is also a serious cause of bad breath. It is caused by bacteria, which release sulfur compounds into our mouths. It activates because of the foul smell in your mouth.

  • Dry mouth

Feeling parched? Lack of saliva can be harmful because it plays an important role in washing away the small food particles left in our mouth.

  • Smoking 

Intaking tobacco or nicotine can be dangerous to our health, but it can also cause bad breath because it leaves an unpleasant odor in our mouth. Smokers usually get mouth infections and gum disease.

Prevention and solution

Here are a few methods that can help you in preventing bad breath, eventually improving your oral health. 

  • Maintain good oral hygiene

As you know, bad oral hygiene can lead to bad breath. So make sure you take care of it by brushing your teeth twice a day; flossing is also essential, and using an electric toothbrush, a whitening toothpaste, and an antibacterial mouthwash can be more helpful.

  • Regular check-ups

You should have your routine checkups on time with your oral healthcare provider. Regular checkups will help you with your oral hygiene, so it will take care of the remaining tasks that brushing and flossing cannot.

  • Hydration

Drinking plenty of water will avoid your dry mouth deficiency and wash away the remnants of your food that bacteria have fed on. It will also assist in your body’s healthcare.

  • Say no to tobacco

Avoid tobacco and nicotine. It will avoid tooth discoloration and gum diseases as well. Smoking is one of the major causes of bad breath.

Call your dentist today!

Consult with your dentist about your oral hygiene and have routine checkups to embark on a brighter journey with a brighter smile.

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