Top 4 Things to Get Your Kid Excited About Elementary School

Starting school or returning to elementary school creates mixed emotions in everyone. As parents, it is an exciting and often melancholy experience. Your child is becoming more independent, which is great, but! Regardless of your emotions, continue reading for four things to get your kid to be excited about school. As a kid, they will get to enjoy the best things about elementary school.

  1.   Acclimate your Child to School

Getting your child acclimated to school can be done gradually throughout the summer. One way to make it exciting is to let your child play on the school’s playground. Hopefully, the playground is accessible all summer. This will give your child the opportunity to feel comfortable near the school. It also provides the chance for your child to be a leader on the playground. They will be confident playing on all the playground equipment.

  1.   Build Connections

While at the playground, hopefully you will meet other families that will attend the school. If not, maybe there are children in your neighborhood that will be attending this school with your child. Set up playdates with other children, so they know some other students in the building. One of the best things about elementary school is making new friends.

  1.   Generate Excitement

There is a reason that stores create so much hype about back-to-school shopping. Getting a new outfit for the first day of school, a new backpack, and/or a new lunch box is exciting. Many adults can remember their favorite lunch box; no one could wait to use them! In addition to making returning to school exciting, it adds to your kid’s self-confidence to know they have the supplies they need for class.

  1.   Read with and to your Child

Another of the best things about elementary school is learning to read. Bring your child to the library during the summer. At the library, they can see the amazing selection of books. Books will take your child on one incredible adventure after another. Read to your child; have your child read to you; join reading groups at the library. All of these steps will generate excitement and help your child become a strong reader.


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