Fat Grafting And How It Helps In Lip Enhancement

If you haven’t been under the knife to improve your appearance, then you might not know what is fat graft (การทำแฟตกราฟคือ, which is the term in Thai). Fat graft or fat transfer is a non-invasive cosmetic process. The procedure uses the fat for lip, butt, breasts and other body parts enhancement. The fat graft can offer a youthful and plumper look besides repairing scars. Plastic surgeons can also use this technique for reconstructive surgery.

Fat Graft And What Is It?

Fat graft procedures include taking fat from one part of your body and injecting it into another part of your body to shape your look. A plastic surgeon can get rid of fat from any part. However, they usually, remove from the following areas:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Belly

What Are The Other Names For Fat Grafts?

The fat draft has different other names, and some of them are listed below:

  • Lipofilling
  • Fat injections
  • Fat transfer
  • Autologous fat transfer

Which Body Parts Can You Transfer Fat To?

After eliminating additional fat from your thighs, hips and belly, a plastic surgeon can transfer fat to various areas. For instance, you can go for:

  • Fat transfer to your butts or Brazilian butt lift
  • Fat transfer to your breasts or Breast Augmentation
  • Fat transfers to your face.
  • Fat Transfer to your hips.
  • Fat Transfer to your lips (lip augmentation)
  • Fat transfers to your cheeks.
  • Under eye fat transfer

How Is Fat Graft Helpful?

The fat graft can add to your naturally appearing volume in various body parts. Besides, the procedure can make way for a more radiant appearance. Fat transfer proves beneficial when it comes to creating higher cheekbones or helping you to achieve an hourglass shape. The process is further advantageous for filling in wrinkles on your face, especially below your eyes. You can use the procedure to increase the size of your butts or even to minimize facial scars and wrinkles on your hands.

Can Fat Graft Work?

Fat graft is helpful if you get it done by a highly-qualified plastic surgeon. Fat transfers are effective when it comes to helping you achieve youthful and natural-looking skin. 

Does Fat Graft Last?

Fat graft outcomes are permanent. However, remember not every fat cell will survive the cosmetic procedure. The injected fat cells might start developing new blood supply only after six months.

How Many Fat Graft Sessions Do You Need?

The number of fat graft sessions is based on the treated area size and your expected volume. Lip enhancement takes around one session. Breast or butt enhancement however might need several fat graft surgeries.

Now that you know what is fat graft, you might wonder if it is safe. Fat graf surgeries are safe, only if you consult with an experienced surgeon who has expertise in the field. 

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