The Importance of Sensitive Data Protection for Fortune 2000 Companies

Getting into the Fortune 2000 list can be quite an achievement for any business, especially those operating in a competitive market. Some of the biggest companies worldwide, such as Amazon and Bank of America, have been on the list for years. Getting into the list can help improve consumer trust, but it can also result in more and more cybercriminals attacking the company for a chance to get hold of customer data.

And if a Fortune 2000 became a victim of successful data breach attacks, this usually means significant reputational damage and financial losses. This is crucial as reports show that the cost of a data breach constantly increases through the years. And since remote work and personal devices have become the norm in current business landscapes, Fortune 2000 members need a solid defense against the high possibility of compromised customer information.

The continual increase of successful cybersecurity attacks against Fortune 2000 companies pushed many organizations to adopt reliable solutions that can help improve data protection. And one of the ideal tools that Fortune 2000 firms can benefit from is a mobile message archiver. Having an organized archive of text messages relating to business transactions can be very helpful for institutions looking to have robust protection for sensitive information.

Having an archiver at hand will also help Fortune 2000 companies comply with the recordkeeping standards imposed by different regulatory institutions. This includes the guidelines the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) set. These organizations require companies under their jurisdiction to archive messages done through corporate or personal devices as it can prevent data leakage.

To learn more about how Fortune 2000 companies can efficiently protect confidential information and prevent it from getting leaked, check this infographic from Telemessage, the leading text message archiver in the United States.


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