What I love about Kedarkantha

  1. It is the drive to the base camp. You will remember the 18km stretch of dense pine forest following Purola, and the drive through Mori valley alongside River Tons for a long time. Keep an eye out for them.
  2. The Homestays
    You are sure to have a great time trekking with Indiahikes. Rarely will you be able to see how the locals live. This trek will allow you to experience it. You will be spending both your first night and the last night in homestays in Gaichawan Gaon.

Although they live close, their homes and lifestyles are quite different. This will be something you’ll see up close.

  1. The Forests
    This sense of oneness will be stronger when you are in the Kedarkantha forests, particularly the stretch that runs from Gaichwan gaon  to the summit.

This is due to many factors:

  • This stretch of forest is the least traveled. Only our trekkers use this route, and the village folk are not the only ones who take it. This route is still pristine in many ways. You can easily get lost if you’re not careful.
  • This forest is not like other forests that look almost arranged and manicured. It will be there from the moment you step into it.
  • The forest is dense and incredibly immersive. This stretch is magical because the sun can play hide and seek.
  • It’s also very diverse. You will find more trees and shrubs than you see from the other side, including Oak, Pine, and Deodar.

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