eLearning and Music Education- What’s New?

If you wanted to learn to play an instrument, you had to leave your home after supper and go to the teacher’s house for a lesson. That’s all changed now. Taking the kids out in the cold on a winter’s night may be difficult and stressful, particularly if they are small. Then came eLearning, which has grown in popularity as more and more individuals claim they prefer it to traditional methods. These days, you may choose between learning using an app, a recorded online lesson, a group online course, or a Zoom class with a live instructor. Everything is at your disposal, and there is a slew of advantages.

The First eLearning Revolution Was Caused By the High Cost of Participation

Week-to-week courses may become quite pricey very quickly. Then there are the books and equipment, as well as the time and money spent traveling there and back. Public transportation, on the other hand, may both be expensive and time-demanding. You save both time and money by using eLearning. Some books and music will still have to be purchased (although you can buy and print out a lot of music from the internet to save traveling to a shop or paying postage to have it sent).

Timetabling Is Driving The Second eLearning Revolution

Because of eLearning, you may access a course at any time. The music school provides you with access to a large number of previously recorded classes that you may begin at any time. There are lessons available till the wee hours of the morning if you’re an early riser like myself. Lessons might begin as early as 6 a.m. for those who are early risers. However, you will have fewer options if you are taking private online lessons with a tutor.

Choice of Teacher Is eLearning’s Third Revolution

Until recently, the only way to get help was to seek it out from a local instructor. As a result, if you lived in the country, your options would be severely restricted. Even if you lived in South London, however, finding a teacher in North London would be almost impossible. As a result of the rapid opening of the world wide web, it is now simpler than ever to locate the ideal instructor who will actually inspire you.

The Range of Subjects Available in eLearning: the Fourth Revolution

In music school, you may learn anything from the basics to advanced techniques in piano, guitar, music and audio production as well as composition. Film scoring, music marketing, orchestration, and critical listening are just a few of the specializations available via Berklee Online.

The Combination of Different Learning Methods Is the Fifth Greatest eLearning Revolution:

People’s learning styles are hot topics right now

Depending on your personality type, you may be a visual, physical, auditory, or even a mix of all of these. Students may move at their own speed while learning the fundamentals of music theory in an online course. Some people may start with a piano app and then look for a private online instructor to help them go on to the next level. Since there are so many apps available, it’s easy to find one you like. Approach them with a positive frame of mind and give them a fair amount of time to teach you how to properly utilize them. Try them out on a regular basis to observe how they affect your growth. However, if you want to accomplish more or need more guidance, look into online pre-recorded classes. They may be all you need.

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