The importance of hiring an inheritance lawyer in case of disputes

In matters of inheritance, calling on a specialist lawyer is more than advising. Indeed, thanks to his knowledge of legal matters, he can resolve any conflicts that may arise from the issue of inheritance. However, if you are wondering why it is best to contact Litvack Dessureault LLP estate lawyers, here are a few things you should know. Do you want to dispute a will or life insurance? Are you encountering difficulties? These can be numerous: disagreement between heirs, the problem with the notary, errors in the inventory, scattered property, counting, and payment of inheritance tax.

Why hire an estate lawyer in such a situation?

Many conflicts can arise between heirs during an inheritance. This often results in moral and financial damage. Bringing in an estate lawyer will help you unblock the situation. Taking care of the drafting of deeds and other necessary procedures in the event of succession, the notary are, a priori, the most qualified to deal with succession matters.

However, when there is a complication, such as a conflict between the heirs, the intervention of an estate lawyer is necessary. In general, the latter’s role is to attempt conciliation, but most often, he intervenes to defend his client’s rights in the event of a contentious procedure.

Settle the situation amicably

When a loved one dies, heirs are faced with many formalities: paying inheritance tax, drawing up the list of assets, dividing the assets, etc. It is often in these already trying times that tensions arise between the heirs. Sharing can then become difficult. Bringing in an estate lawyer as soon as possible helps prevent the situation from worsening.

The Estate lawyer will try to reconcile the requirements of the heirs by proposing solutions that can suit everyone. He may, for example, offer you a resale to facilitate the sharing of the inheritance. If no compromise is found, the estate lawyer can help you assert your rights by going to the competent courts.


Suppose some heirs have, for example, benefited from donations during the deceased’s lifetime. In that case, it will be possible to request that they be recognized as an advance on their share of the inheritance. Faced with joint ownership, the estate lawyer may request expertise from the judge to assess the property and the best allocation to make. The heirs who do not wish to have the property will thus obtain a sum of money, while those who want to keep it become the owners.

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