Rosette Leis: The growing popularity of lei-giving

Rosette Leis are a type of Filipino lei

Rosette Leis are a type of Filipino lei, a traditional garland or necklace that is given as a symbol of honor, respect, and appreciation. Rosette Leis are made from ribbons that are folded and arranged into rosette shapes, resembling flowers. They are often adorned with beads, pearls, or shells for added elegance and beauty.

Rosette Leis have become increasingly popular in the Philippines, especially during political events, government ceremonies, and other significant occasions. They are seen as a way of expressing support, gratitude, and recognition to the recipients, as well as celebrating the Filipino culture and heritage.

If you want to get a Rosette Lei, you have several options. You can order one online from LikhaDito Arts and Crafts, a prominent maker of Rosette Leis in the Philippines. They offer a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to suit your preferences and budget. You can also customize your own Rosette Lei by choosing the ribbon type, rosette size, and embellishments.

Alternatively, you can make your own Rosette Lei by following these simple steps:

– Cut a ribbon into several pieces, each about 30 cm long.
– Fold one end of a ribbon piece into a triangle, then fold it again to make a smaller triangle.
– Repeat the folding process until you reach the other end of the ribbon piece, leaving a small tail.
– Secure the folded ribbon with a pin or a glue gun.
– Fluff the folds to create a rosette shape.
– Repeat the process with the rest of the ribbon pieces until you have enough rosettes for your lei.
– String the rosettes together using a needle and a thread, leaving some space between each rosette.
– Add beads, pearls, or shells between the rosettes if you wish.
– Tie the ends of the thread together to complete your Rosette Lei.

Rosette Leis are a beautiful and meaningful way of celebrating the Filipino spirit and tradition. Whether you buy one or make one yourself, you can enjoy the charm and elegance of these handcrafted garlands.

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