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Clean Your AC Coil to Improve Your AC Air Quality

Most of us tend to take the reliability of our AC for granted. However, the fact is that your AC is often likely to fail and may not offer you necessary comfort that you can expect from it if you do not maintain it well.

One most important activity that you should do is keep your AC coil clean so that you can ensure clean air quality. If you ever find any problem with your AC then you can get affordable air conditioning maintenance service from Airconservicing who is serving for the last 18 years.

What are these air conditioner coils?

All AC unit has got 2 coils:

  • Evaporator coil
  • Condenser coil.

You will find the evaporator coil located in the AHU (Air Handler Unit) which is generally available indoors. This coil will absorb the entire heat and humidity present in your home. On the other hand, the condenser coil can be found located in the outdoor unit of your AC that releases the excess heat out of the home to the outdoors. In both of these coils, there are refrigerants present within them.

If your air conditioning coils get covered with dust then it will add an extra layer in between the air that is blowing over these coils and the refrigerant present inside that can absorb and release heat. The dust layer will act almost like an insulator, and as a result, the heat transfer will become less effective.

Due to such poor heat transfer, its efficiency will reduce and will make your unit run much longer to cool the air.

A few other problems will develop when your AC coils are dirty:

  • Decreased amount of cooling as your AC unit is running inefficiently and make your room more uncomfortable.
  • Your electric bills will increase due to inefficient running of your AC.
  • You can expect more wear out on your system, and as a result, you may go for expensive repairs or reduced life of your AC unit.

How you will know it is now time to clean your AC coil?

Generally, experts will recommend cleaning these coils a minimum of twice a year. However, depending upon the environment where your AC is installed you may need to clean more often.

1.     The location

If it is very close to the main street and where there is a greater chance of exposure to vehicle exhaust, or construction dust, or located near the kitchen or industrial exhaust, then you must increase the frequency of cleaning your AC coil.

2.     The age and condition

If your AC is too old then there will be more corrosion on the coils and hence the chances of dust accumulation will be much higher and faster. Also, you need to watch it more to check if there are any refrigerant leaks.

3.     Its workload

If your AC is running the whole day and night then it will catch debris even faster than if not used so frequently.

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