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What are the characteristics of linen curtains?

Curtains for window treatments have been gaining popularity for the reason that they ensure the darkness in the room, help maintain privacy and appear elegant. When it comes to making a choice for the curtains, the two main things to consider include fabric and the pattern. The choice of pattern solely depends on the theme of the room and of course, the interior installed. But with the fabric, high quality is what needs to be considered so that it lasts longer than the expected time period. Linen curtains have been in demand for a long and there are numerous reasons to consider.

Characteristics of linen curtain

Linen is a material made out of flax fibre is known for being a strong and absorbent fabric. Below are its unique characteristics that make it an ideal choice of the consumers;

  • Strength

It is the strength of the linen that makes it abrasion-resistant. linen has been recognized as the second strongest fabric after silk. Comparatively to cotton, it being 30% stronger is what makes it a preferable option. This further ensuring durability.

  • Anti-allergic

The use of natural flax prevents allergic reactions. It is also known for helping in treating allergic disorders. So if you are about to install new curtains, it’s better to protect yourself from the allergic reaction via the installation of linen curtains.


  • Non-electrifying

Having produced out of flax, a small addition of material is enough to reduce the effect of elasticity. Thereby, linen curtains that are produced carry the non-electrifying features that turn out to be their beautiful quality.

  • Qualifies absorbency

When it comes to the fabric for curtains, a majority have been choosing linen for being absorbant. The material helps absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. The best about this fabric is that it does not allow the body to feel the heat even during the warmer months and does not let the body feel cold during winter months. The great thermoregulation is what enhances its value.

  • Extremely comfortable

When the question is about comfort, choosing to have linen curtains is something too natural and cosy. Be it winter or summer, things work in their best manner. Comfort is the key and finding them from flooring, windows, and wall treatments is natural. Find the best for yourself to maintain a relaxing room atmosphere!

Have you been confused about the fabric for curtains? Linen curtains have been enjoying the preference for years as a result of which experts are continuously bringing more and more designs that not only admire the beauty of the room. Instead, it is known to add more to the value of the home. A furnished home with the qualitative interior, window, and wall treatments appear exclusive. What kind of curtain will you prefer, keeping in mind the seasonal changes? Is there any that affects you way too badly? Linen curtains can always serve as an amazing choice!

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