The biggest problem that many consumers face is furniture assembly. There are a wide variety of upholstery products for sale, complete with instruction manuals and sometimes tool kits. It is not efficient enough for novice users.

Assembly process pieces of furniture assembly are sometimes heavy and laborious to assemble. It also requires specific tools to assemble the furniture. You must know how to use tools to properly install accessories. When assembling furniture, the size of the drill and the angle of the drill are important. You may have to cut the wood with a hacksaw to adjust the size, which causes more problems.

Difficult to distinguish parts has several small parts, such as screws and bolts, which are difficult to distinguish. Often a screw is in several holes and not all of them may be correct. There have been instances where consumers have knocked certain cards over and cannot identify the error. You end up spending hours putting together simple pieces of furniture, which can be frustrating.


Although the versatile option may seem lucrative, it adds to the difficulty of furniture assembly. Consumers are finally assembling adjustable shelving in ways they never thought possible. This only adds to the confusion and makes it harder to decide how to put IKEA furniture together.


It is possible for an important item to get lost in transit or when you open the package. It is difficult to understand what is missing. After the discovery, it was difficult to find a replacement for the part. You may not always be able to find screws of a certain size and shape.

What types of residential furniture can you assemble?

I can tell you the types of residential furniture that can be put together:

Bed frames and dressers:

Bed frames come in all sizes and styles, and putting them together can sometimes be a daunting task. However, most bed frames come with simple instructions that allow owners to assemble them themselves. Chests of drawers often have several drawers and require the assembly of several parts. The process typically involves attaching the side, back, and front panels, then installing the drawers and hardware.

Bookcases and tables:

Bookcases are another common piece of furniture that requires assembly. They usually consist of several shelves and panels that need to be put together. Tables, including coffee tables, dining tables, and side tables, often require assembly. The process usually involves attaching the legs or base to the table top and installing any other components, such as drawers or shelves.

Chairs and Desks:

Many chairs require assembly, especially those with wooden frames or multiple components. The process typically involves attaching the legs or base to the seat and back, as well as installing additional components, such as armrests. Desks come in different sizes and styles, and assembly can be a complicated process. This typically involves attaching the legs or base to the table, installing drawers or shelves, and attaching any other components, such as keyboard trays or monitor stands.

Entertainment Center:

A entertainment center typically has several components that need to be assembled, including shelves, cabinets, and drawers. The process can be complicated and time-consuming, but most manufacturers provide detailed instructions to guide owners through the process.

In general, most types of residential furniture can be put together with the right tools and a little patience. However, some items may require professional assembly, especially if they are particularly large or complex.

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