Why should you choose Ronnie Sunshines for your air rifles?


Air rifles were invented back in the 16th century  and since then they are being used for different purposes like small game hunting, pest control, recreational shooting (commonly known as plinking) and competitive sports such as the Olympic 10 m Air Rifle and 10 m Air Pistol events and even warfare. If you are looking to get one of these rifles then you need to do research in order to find a particular rifle that is matches your needs. There are many diverse and different types of air rifles that are manufactured by many companies around the world. One of the common types of rifles that is available is the pre-charged pneumatic air guns (PCPs). 

PCP air rifles remains pressurized and only deplete after repeated shooting because they have their internal  reservoir pre-filled from an external air source such as a diving cylinder or air compressor, or by manual charging with a high-pressure stand pump. PCP air rifles compared to co2 rifles have greater initial cost but lower operating cost due to the fact that they need cylinders or charging systems. 

Ronnie Sunshines provide a variety of PCP as well as co2 rifles for you to choose from. They have an intuitive website which is easy to use and here the rifles from many brands are listed for sale. If you are unsure which rifle will suit your needs than they even have customer service to help you along the process and even after the purchase of the product. The company also has a well-compiled PCP rifle combos from popular brands like Weihrauch, Daystate, Air Arms, BSA, Walther, Gamo & Webley. 

Types of PCP rifles available at Ronnie sunshine 

Along with air rifles Ronnie Sunshines also offer air rifle kits and rifle and kit combos. The PCP air rifles that are presented here range from most expensive options like FX Impact M3 Bronze Air Rifle at £1,839.00, FX Maverick Compact Air Rifle at £1,400.00,S510 to TR Tactical Air Rifle at £1,349.00. 

There are many rifles available at moderate prices like Air Arms S400 Supelite Traditional Brown PCP Air Rifle at£639.00. It is presented in two types’ carbine and standard with barrel length of .22 and .177. This rifle is part of award winning ‘s’ series. It has one of the most consistent shooting ability. It has two fully adjustable stage trigger and a barrel which helps to control release making it one of most accurate rifles available. A silencer can be added to the barrel to reduce the muzzle noise if you desire which makes it an amazing buy in this price range. Other middle price ranged rifle is Reximex Pretensis Air Rifle at £559.00, BSA Ultra JSR .177 (Full Power Model) at £575.00.

If you have a low budget and need good air rifle at cheaper rate then Ronnie sunshine offers you rifles at low price range such as Kral Puncher NP03 Air Rifle at £399.0, Kral Puncher NP02 – Marine Finish – PCP Air Rifle at £389.00, and Kral Puncher NP02 – PCP Air Rifle at £359.00. 

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