Be Aware of How to Maintain Your Ink Cartridge

If you are using printers in your office or home then for its regular use, you will need to replace your cartridges time and again. This will however depend on how much usage you are making of your printer. The more you print, the frequency of replacing your cartridges is going to increase.

However, you need to understand that these cartridges are an expensive consumable of your printer. Hence you need to take proper care of them so that you can use them for a longer time. Need More Ink is a well-known supplier of HP ink cartridges that will be needed if you are using HP printers.

The following are a few ways you can maintain and take proper care of your cartridges.

Pre-installation care of your cartridge

You must inspect carefully the cartridge before you install it in your printer. Then shake the cartridge gently or tap it a couple of times on a certain hard surface so that you can prime the ink.

All these should be done before removing the protective tape. You may otherwise end up spilling the ink of the cartridges all over and creating a mess.

After that depending upon the type of your cartridge, you need to uncover the vent hole. In some cartridges, there may be a plastic clip, which may not be present in all types of cartridges.

You must be careful around the golden contact points on your cartridge as these points will make electrical contact with the printer.


You must follow the instruction manual provided with the printer while installing the cartridges as every printer will have different procedures to install the ink cartridge. Make sure that it is installed smoothly.

Inkjet cartridge care

  • Make sure that your cartridge’s ink should not completely run out.
  • You cannot store these cartridges for an unlimited period.
  • Your new ink cartridges must be stored within an airtight container when not in use.
  • If you notice lines or any missing dots on the graphics and text while printing, then you must understand that it is now time to clean your print head.
  • Never leave your cartridges inside your car parked under the sun.
  • Always keep your color cartridges upright.
  • You must print a minimum of 2 pages after you install your cartridge to check its print quality.

Care for laser toner cartridge

  • Never attempt to open your cartridge.
  • Never leave your cartridge in your car for a longer time even if it is winter season as the temperature inside the car may rise and that will exceed the safe limit. Your plastic parts of the cartridges may get distorted.
  • Always store your cartridges at a temperature that is normal.
  • A few parts in your cartridges can be light-sensitive material and are likely to get damaged if it remains exposed to very highly intensive lights.
  • While it is empty, you must store the laser cartridge in the original plastic bag provided by the supplier and put it inside the cardboard box.

You must recycle your printer cartridges when their ink or toner has been completely exhausted so that you can save some cost.

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