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Check The Defects Minutely Before Shifting To A New Condo In Singapore


While purchasing a new home in Singapore, be assured that every unit comes with its own set of faults. However, you may not know the actual process of rectifying the defects or how to deal with the complications in the process.

Therefore, it becomes essential to hire a professional who would check the defects of your new home especially if it is a condominium before you move in or start the condo interior design project.

Hiring a specialist for checking the defects

The professionals mainly check for any kind of damage or spoilt areas of the new condo you would be shifting to in Singapore.

  • Depending on the number of defects they identify, they list those down and hand them over to the developer.
  • As a homeowner, you will get a detailed report.
  • A joint inspection is carried out before the issues are rectified.

It is essential to hire a defect checking specialist as there could be a few defects that might go unnoticed by you. Homees.co is the best and free directory for services in Singapore that has years of experience in the home industry. They know that as a homeowner, you need a safe and reliable place to find the best services for all your needs before you shift into your new home.

They offer a list of best defects checking professionals that can suit the needs of your home. You can compare and view the list. They do background checks, filter away really bad companies to ensure all their listed service partners can help you build and fix your dream home.

Checking defects for Executive and Private Condominium

Even though technically you get one year for the contractor to get the repairs of the defects done, it is highly recommended to check your condominium within 7 days of getting the keys. Unless you are satisfied that all the faults have been spotted, it is advisable not to start any renovation work or move in.

For defects checking in the case of condominiums in Singapore, the sale and administration are entirely handled by the developers. Neither the Singapore Housing Development Board (HBD) nor the Building Services Centre (BSC) has any role to play unlike in cases of Built-to-order (BTO) flats. This is why hiring professionals for checking condo defects become quite essential.

the professionals will check for defects for

  • Architectural: walls, flooring, ceiling, furnishing, windows
  • Mechanical: pipes, water outlets, and drainage
  • Electrical: wiring, ACs, circuit breaker

How does it work?

  • Residents are given a form by the management to report and submit any kind of defects in the property
  • The developers have a month to fix the faults
  • If they fail to do so within the timeline, homeowners have the right to hire a third party to carry out the repairs and recover the cost from the developer.

Common defects to look for

There are some common defects that even you could also check:

  • Bad or uneven floor tiles: Badly layered tiles with the edges sticking out pose as a safety threat you must demand to get them repaired
  • Low-grade granite kitchen top:It is a problem of shoddy work and should be repaired
  • AC leakage: Proper AC piping is necessary so take a look at the air conditioner ledge to check if there is any leakage from the AC
  • Uneven fixtures: Check the insides of the cabinets and wardrobes if the carpentry work has been done properly
  • Water drainage: Bathroom areas should have proper drainage and the bathroom flooring should not be done in a way that would accumulate water
  • Plumbing issues: Check all the taps and flushes of the condo to see how well the water is drained. Any drainage slower than 3 seconds indicates defects and clogs.
  • Windows: Window glasses should be crystal clear. Look for scratches, paint marks, and dirt patches on the window glass.
  • Take detailed notes and pictures of the defects that you can locate
  • Get them fixed before renovation or moving into the condo.

If you are shelling out a six or seven-figure sum for a new condo, hiring a professional defect inspector for a few dollars more may not be much. Rather, you will get peace of mind knowing that you have not missed out on any major fault in your home.


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