All Basic Things About An Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are becoming the best form of transportation nowadays since there is no need to worry about traffic and paying for a taxi. Unlike a traditional skateboard, this doesn’t need to be pushed to maintain your balance. That makes it easy even for beginners to master this activity. Many companies are selling the best electric skateboards that make the ride even more enjoyable and the braking systems give the user full control on their speed no matter what surface they ride.

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

It is nothing but a traditional skateboard or longboard, but with added electric motors, batteries, and a control unit. You don’t need to push with your foot. Enjoy the ride with both feet on the board while the motor in the e-board does it for you and with just one pull on the remote control it slows down the board.

If you want to enjoy the environment off-road, you can convert these e-boards to off-road electric skateboards. You can also check out with Maxfind who sells a variety of e-boards that suits your needs and enjoy riding on grass, sand, gravel, and any other rough terrains. They offer the best, cost-effective, off-road e-boards that let you swap batteries easily and you can also change the wheels for attaining extra speed.

How Fast Can They Go

The speed of an electric skateboard can range from 9 MPH to 68 MPH. Boards that are designed for kids are usually slower. For adults, it ranges from 15 to 30 MPH. If you are a crazy rider, you can go above 30MPH. Whatever speed you go remember that your safety is most important.

How Do They Work?

E-board components can be categorized into three types. Basic, mechanical, and electric.

Basic Components


This is the biggest part and you will be standing on this while riding. Decks that come in different shapes are usually made of many plies of high-quality wood that are shaped and laminated. For extra rigidity and strength, some manufacturers use fiberglass or carbon.


These are the most important part of the e-board that helps transfer your weight from the deck to the wheels and consist of many components like the hanger, bushings, baseplate, kingpin, and axle.


Without wheels, we cannot ride on any skateboard. Wheels are the parts that pass the weight to the riding surface. These are available in different size, shape, and color that allows you to choose the best type depending on your riding needs.

Ball Bearings

These are either made of steel or silicone and through them, wheels are mounted on board. For high performance and longevity, these parts are to be maintained by cleaning and lubricating.

Mechanical Components


The motor can either hub motor or belt motor. It makes use of the power from the battery and converts it to mechanical motion.

Electric Components


Lithium batteries are commonly used and this is where the needed energy for e-board is stored and discharged as needed.


A remote control allows you to accelerate or brake via Bluetooth.

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