Acid Jazz – A Fusion Of Traditional Jazz And Club Beats

Jazz music is a creation of black Americans who experienced slavery and cruelty in America during the late 18th Century. The way they play their music expresses their resistance against racism and an oppressive political system. In the beginning, the ideology behind jazz music was the freedom of Afro-Americans from the chains of unfair socio-political structure.

Later this old style of Jazz music was reformed into a new style of playing music. 1965 was marked as the deconstruction in Jazz and performing it into free jazz music. In the 80s and 90s, free Jazz became the base of fusion and neoclassicism music development. Jazz was defined as a musical culture that is more sophisticated and multicultural. Later in the late 80s and early 90s in the UK, a new style of Jazz called Acid Jazz was derived by DJ Gilles Peterson.

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Is Acid Jazz Valid Style of Jazz?

Acid Jazz was born in the UK.  It is a kind of genre of Jazz music that is fresh and grabs the attention of the younger generation. Acid Jazz is a blend of Funk Jazz, fusion Jazz, R&B, hip hop, and EDM. The music style consists of heavy beats and few samples from the recordings done in the late 60s and early 70s. However, the connotations don’t end here, there is much more than that. 

Properties of Acid Jazz

Samples of Rare Tracks Used

Acid jazz music uses rare sample tracks from the 50s and 60s Jazz, and Funk and Jazz fusion records from the 70s.

Few Beats of Traditional Jazz

Some of the Acid Jazz groups use horn sections and fit in Jazzy chords which are the main elements of traditional jazz music.

Less Scope of Improvisation

Acid Jazz is an improved version of traditional Jazz which includes a horn section, modern beats, and dense chords. Acid jazz music is close to club music, but also a part of traditional music. Thus, it doesn’t need any improvisation as it can fit with any fusion music.

Hip hop and Funk

Acid Jazz is a blend of hip hop, Funk Jazz, fusion Jazz, R&B, and EDM.  Acid Jazz DJs do not completely rely on traditional jazz music, but they gather elements from hip hop and Funk mostly.

The rise of electronic club music faded the demand for acid Jazz in the public. Although the genre was being used in various forms of music, this reformed music cannot be defined as acid Jazz. They can be seen as Jazz rap, Neo-soul, or Jazz-funk. You can still find online acid jazz library music records to live those days and enjoy the real beauty of Acid Jazz.

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