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Does your air conditioner require a dedicated circuit?

We all need an air conditioner when the outside temperature is high. You can easily find several air conditioners in different sizes and capacities to meet the requirements of users. The smaller ones are usually used with standard outlets while the larger ones require a dedicated circuit. Most of the time the homeowners are not sure about the ways of safely connecting the air conditioners to their home. Here, highly trained technicians can help you out to deal with such situations. The guide we are discussing here gives you proper guidance about complete electrical safety and ensures you choose the right conditioner for your home.

Why there is a requirement for a dedicated circuit for air conditioners?

It is very important that you must have the knowledge about determining whether the air conditioner needs a dedicated circuit or not. There are certain conditioners that are featured with non-standard plugs clearly indicating the requirement of a dedicated circuit.

It has been seen that the circuits are designed directly to connect with your home featured with a 220-Volt plug. If mistakenly you plug in the large air conditioning unit plug having a standard outlet, it can lead to damage. Therefore, it is important to have a proper outlet and circuit.

Read the signs of having a dedicated circuit

There are certain methods by which you can check the dedicated circuit.

  • Always check the breaker panel first. If you have installed a dedicated circuit, label it properly as ‘air conditioner’.
  • If you haven’t labeled any of the panels, do check the outlets to find out the appliances that are plugged into. You will find out if the outlets are not standard, they will be a dedicated circuit.
  • Have you ever experienced constant tripping of breakers while using certain appliances? If you find out that you don’t have a dedicated circuit, install the one by contacting certified electricians.

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